PPD Image of the Year Competition - Exhibitions

Deadline: April 28, 2022 for judging in early May, 2022

Image of the Year

‚úČ Gerald H. Emmerich, Jr., HonFPSA, GMPSA/S·

From 2010 through 2019, the competition known as the Pictorial Print of the Year (PPY) competition was a special annual invitational competition. PSA member-exhibitors whose prints received best of show, PSA Gold, PSA Silver, or PSA Bronze medals in PPD sections of PSA-recognized exhibitions in the previous calendar year were invited to enter their award prints for the competition. A “Pictorial Print of the Year” was selected in each of four categories: Large Color Print, Large Monochrome Print, Small Color Print, and Small Monochrome Print. Each section had three (3) awards: First, Second, and Third Place - Pictorial Print of the Year.

There are three important changes, beginning with the 2020 competition for eligible prints exhibited in 2019 – first, the name of the competition was changed to “Pictorial Print Division Image of the Year (PPD IOY)” competition; second, there are two sections only, Color Print and Monochrome Print, which correspond to the two new “star paths” established in July, 2019; and third, there are only two print awards – Color Image of the Year and Monochrome Image of the Year. The requirements for the PPD IOY competition, beginning in 2020, with award prints in 2019 PSA-recognized exhibitions, are set forth below.



Deadline: April 28, 2022

The new rules established by the PSA Division Standardization Board require that only images that have received either Best of Show or PSA Gold medals in Pictorial Print Division Sections of PSA-Recognized Exhibitions whose closing dates occurred in the previous calendar year are eligible for the Image of the Year.  All entrants must be PSA members in good standing.  Invitations to the competition are sent to the eligible participants by mid March, and the deadline for submission to the PPD IOY Competition director is April 28.

All entries in the PPD IOY are considered for acceptance into the PSA Print Collection and no prints are returned. The PPD Image of the Year Competition is not a PSA-Recognized Exhibition and does not count toward PSA Star Ratings or Who's Who. 


A. Entries - The original exhibition award print or a reprint as close as possible to the original award print should be entered. The reprint must be the same size as the award print and have the same title. Prints must not be mounted unless the original award print was mounted. Information on the back of the print must include: Image Title, Entrant's Name, Entrant's PSA Membership Number, and the Exhibition that awarded the medal. No written information may be shown on the front of the print. A high resolution digital file should be submitted with each print, either on a CD or thumb drive with the entry or emailed to the director.  Entrants must submit their prints, completed and signed entry form(s) pages 1 and 2, and a model release, if appropriate.

B. Entry Sections - Each print must be entered in one of the two sections: Color or Monochrome.  Large color and small color prints are now in the same section, and large and small monochrome prints are also now in the same section.  If an entrant submits prints in both the color and monochrome sections, a separate entry form must be completed for each of the two sections.

C. Multiple Entries In The Same Section - Entrants who have multiple medals in the same section with different titles may submit all entries on one entry form. There must be only one entry in the Print of the Year competition per title. If one title received a qualifying medal in both the color and monochrome sections, it can be entered in only one of the two sections.

D. Monochrome Definition - All monochrome prints receiving a medal in a PSA-recognized Pictorial Print Division exhibition are qualified as monochrome prints for this competition.

E. License Agreement - The License Agreement is located on the entry form. Signing the License Agreement is a condition of entry.

F. Please note: Each person entering is only eligible to win one award per section.


There are two PPD IOY competition print awards – PPD Color Image of the Year and PPD Monochrome Image of the Year. Additional awards may be given, depending on the number of prints submitted or at the discretion of the judges.


All entries in the PPD Image of the Year competition will be candidates for addition to the PSA Print Collection. The Print Collections Committee has responsibility for selecting prints for the PSA Print Collection, and all prints submitted to the PPD IOY competition are reviewed by the committee and considered for addition to the Collection. No prints will be returned to the maker.