PPD Interclub

Rules for Entering the PPD Interclub Competition

Abstract: The PPD Interclub Competition, also known as “ICPC,” is both a club competition and an individual competition. Clubs compete for total points in each of five [5] categories during four [4] rounds, and winning clubs receive Certificates of Achievement for first, second and third place. Individuals receive ribbons for award winning prints during four [4] rounds and are invited to enter a special End Of Year [EOY] competition. End of year winners receive PPD medals. Individuals compete in ICPC only by entering prints through their clubs. All PSA-member clubs are welcome to participate in ICPC, and there are no fees.
  • PSA-member clubs complete the Enrollment Form and send it to the Interclub Director. There is no fee for this activity.

  • The club competition year starts with the first Round in October, followed by additional Rounds in December, February, and April. All prints receiving 1st, 2nd, 3rd or HM compete in the End Of Year [EOY] competition. EOY winners receive PPD gold, silver, and bronze medals, and HM’s receive PSA ribbons.
  • There are five (5) categories: Large Monochrome prints (LM), Large Color prints (LC), Small Monochrome prints (SM), Small Color prints (SC), and Creative Altered Reality (CAR) prints. CAR can be a mix of large and small prints. It is possible for a club to enter a total of 20 prints in each Round.
  • Each of the four (4) prints entered must be by four (4) photographers for each category. If a club is not able to submit four prints it can submit a partial entry (example: two prints by only two different photographers).
  • Prints may be flush mounted or un-mounted; however, un-mounted prints are preferred.

  • ALL prints must be shipped flat, not rolled or shipped in a tube.

  • All prints must be entirely the work of the photographer.
  • A monochrome print is defined as a print which contains only shades of gray from black to white, or appears to be a grayscale print that has been toned in one color across the entire image. Any print that appears to have been multi-toned or has a spot of color shall be classified as a color print.
  • Small prints can be no larger than 8.5 X 12 inches. 

  • Large prints can be no larger than 16 X 20 inches. 

  • Creative Altered Reality prints (CAR) can be a mix as long as the 4 prints are by 4 different makers: Large Monochrome or Large Color Prints or Small Monochrome or Small Color Prints. Small & Large prints, color and monochrome will be judged together. Although not a requirement, prints that are successful in the CAR category usually have obvious manipulation.

  • Prints, which have been judged in a previous competition during the year, cannot be entered in another competition during the same year.

  • Prints that have received any award in ICPC may not ever be entered again in any category.

  • Clubs that miss a competition may enter prints with the next competition's prints, but must mark "makeup prints" on the print label and the entry form.
  • Each participating club is required to host a competition approximately once every four years. Host clubs provide judging and must not enter their own prints in that competition. Host clubs may enter “make-up” prints in another competition. Host clubs will return prints only if return postage is provided.
  • Any club may elect to have “Prints Not Returned” and must mark the back of the print as a non-return print.