PSA's Pictorial Print Division (PPD)

Pictorial Print
Division Chair

‚úČ Sandy Dimke, PPSA·

As Chair of PSA's Pictorial Print Division (PPD), I want to welcome and thank you for visiting our home page. If you have an interest in prints, you should find a number of opportunities that would increase your experience and enhance your skills as well as providing additional enjoyment of this photographic medium.

For example, we conduct numerous study groups (portfolios) that have 8 to 10 members interacting with each other as they review and comment upon each other's prints. The Print of the Month (POM) is another of our offerings for individual members. Interclub competitions are held four times each year, followed by one for the Best of the Best. We also conduct four sections of the annual PSA International Exhibition and we recognize a large number of international exhibitions each year so that our members can apply for Stars. Club Print Judging Services are available as well, but ONLY FOR PSA MEMBER CLUBS.

The prints may be in color or monochrome. Digital capture, film photography, desktop and darkroom processing, and commercial prints are all included in the Division's activities. The content or subject matter of an image submitted to a PPD program or activity is unrestricted. There may be a theme specified for some PSA-recognized PPD exhibitions and the exhibition's definition of the theme should be consulted.

PSA members qualify for membership in PPD by: being an Officer or Director in the PPD, earning a Star Rating in the PPD, participating in the Print of the Month (POM) in the PPD, or participating in a Study Group (Portfolio) in the PPD.  If you have any questions or wish additional information, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! - Sandy Dimke, PPSA·

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