PJD Star Ratings Program

PJD Star Ratings Director

 ✉ Craig Parker, MPSA, BPSA, EFIAP/b·

If you have not received acknowledgement of your application within 7 days, please contact the Star Ratings Director.

PJD Star Ratings Assistant Director

✉ Helen Rushton, QPSA·

Please ensure that PSA has received the Acceptance (EDAS) reports from the salons BEFORE you submit your application.

This can be checked on the Closed Exhibition Web Pages. If the salon has sent its Acceptance (EDAS) reports to PSA, the salon will be highlighted in orange.

PSA members who have received acceptances in PSA-recognized Photojournalism Exhibitions may be eligible to apply for PJD Star Ratings. For additional information or help to apply for PJD Star Ratings, please email the Director. 


Rules for Publication Credits now available - pdf

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  • Fees

    » The fee for processing each Star Rating, Galaxy Award or Diamond Award is $12.00. Payment is via PayPal only. A link will be sent once application is approved.

    There is no fee for processing a conversion.

  • Eligibility for a Star, Galaxy or Diamond

    » Applicants must be a member of PSA; however, acceptances received prior to membership are eligible for the First Star Rating requirements. Contact the Director for information regarding acceptances prior to membership. Please see the applications below for how to properly format the application.

    Judging credits: Judges will only be allowed credits for two of this division's sections no matter how many sections of an exhibition they actually judged.

    Basic requirements are:
    1 STAR - at least 18 acceptances with at least 6 titles.
    2 STARS - at least 36 acceptances with at least 12 titles.
    3 STARS - at least 72 acceptances with at least 24 titles.
    4 STARS - at least 144 acceptances with at least 48 titles.
    5 STARS - at least 288 acceptances with at least 96 titles.

    Galaxy/Diamond Ratings
    Acceptances in a division after a 5-star rating can be applied toward the more advanced, Galaxy and Diamond Ratings. There are 10 levels of Galaxy and 10 of Diamond Ratings. See the complete chart of requirements for each level.

  • Application
    » Star applications in all Divisions now use the application processes described in these documents:
    Star 1-5 Application Instructions: pdf (updated March 24, 2020) 
    Star Ratings Application Spreadsheet: Excel (updated September 19, 2019)
    Guidelines for Using the Star Application spreadsheet: pdf (updated September 2019)

    » Galaxy and Diamond applications in all Divisions use the application processes described in these documents:
    Galaxy-Diamond Applications Instructions: pdf (updated March 24, 2020)
    Galaxy-Diamond Application Spreadsheet: Excel (updated September 19, 2019)
    Guidelines for using the Galaxy-Diamond Application Spreadsheet: pdf (updated September 2019)
  • Master Photojournalist
    As of August, 2012, 8 or more Galaxies are required to apply for this designation.
    As of October 2019, applicants for this divisional designation must also show proof of 50 publication title credits. 

    Previous Recipients of the PJD Master Photojournalist designation

    Oct 2020 Ekkehard Retelsdorf, GMPSA Germany
    Sep 2019 Subrata Bysack, GMPSA/G India
    Aug 2019 Yi Wan, GMPSA/G, SPSA China
    May 2019 Steven R. Fisher, FPSA, MPSA USA
    Jan 2019 Phillip Kwan, GMPSA/P, GPSA Canada
    Nov 2018 Randy Carr, APSA, MPSA2 USA
    April 2018 Gerald H. Emmerich, Jr., HonPSA, GMPSA/B USA
    March 2017 (removed) Germany
    Feb 2007 Robert Bullock, APSA, PPSA USA
    Oct 2004 Luc DeQuick, EPSA Belgium
    Nov 2003 Guy B. Samoyault, APSA, EPSA France
    July 2003 Lynn Troy Maniscalco, FPSA, EPSA USA
    April 2003 Jean Claude Bacle, EPSA France
    Nov 2001 Gerardus Van Mol, EPSA Netherlands
    July 2001 Keith Vaughan, FPSA, EPSA Canada

    Traditionally PJD had four photojournalist levels above five stars (PJ I, II, III, and IV) requiring 25 new titles three times each, and then Master Photojournalist levels requiring 100 more new titles three times each.  After PSA revised the star system and replaced all of the Photojournalist levels with galaxies, PJ exhibitors were offered the opportunity to convert, but they were reluctant to eliminate the MPJ designation.  (With relatively few recognized PJ exhibitions then, those usually with a single projected section, a few with print sections, it took about two decades of full participation for an exhibitor to achieve that level.)  Since the total number of acceptances needed for Master Photojournalist  was almost the same as for eight galaxies, the division was authorized to retain the MPJ award to confer on all PJ exhibitors who apply after reaching the eighth galaxy. Because the original PJD star ratings traditionally included published picture credits, the requirement of 50 has been added to qualify for MPJ under the current star system.  

    A commemorative plaque is presented to each new MPJ, preferably at the next conference.  There is no fee.