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As Chair of PSA's Photojournalism Division (PJD), I want to welcome and thank you for visiting our home page. If you have an interest in learning how to capture events effectively (whether for family records, a private collection of historical happenings, or publication) and sharing these images with fellow photographers, you should find a number of opportunities that would increase your experience and enhance your skills as well as providing additional enjoyment of this photographic medium.

For example, we conduct a number of study groups that have 4 to 6 members interacting with each other as they review and comment upon each other's digital images. The Quarterly Competition, Photo Story Competition, and Photojournalist of the Year are some of our offerings for individual members. Interclub competitions are held four times each year. We also conduct two sections of the annual PSA International Exhibition and we recognize a large number of international exhibitions each year so that our members can apply for Stars. 

The Photojournalism Division (PJD) is devoted to recording current events or situations to preserve them for the future. News, features, man and man's environment, human interest, and other topics all are included. The Photojournalism Division provides an opportunity for photographers to learn to capture events effectively (whether for family records, a private collection of historical happenings, or publication) and to share these images with fellow photographers. Photojournalists contribute to the world's archives for future generations.

» Photojournalism Definition

Photojournalism entries should be images with informative content and emotional impact, reflecting the human presence in our world. The journalistic (story-telling) value of the image shall receive priority over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility, images that misrepresent the truth, such as those from events or activities specifically arranged for photography or of subjects directed or hired for photography, are not eligible.

Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable modifications are removal of dust, scratches or digital noise, restoration of the existing appearance of the original scene, sharpening that is not obvious, and conversion to greyscale monochrome. Derivations, including infrared, are not eligible. All images must look natural.

Human Interest Definition 
Human Interest images depict a person or persons in an interactive, emotional, or unusual situation, excluding recreational or sports action.

Further guidance can be found  on the Photojournalism Division pages.

See our Guidelines for Human Interest Images.

PSA members qualify for membership of the Photojournalism Division (PJD) by: earning a Star Rating in the PJD; participating in the Quarterly Competition or a Study Group in the PJD; or being an Officer or Director in the PJD Division. If you have any questions or wish additional information, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! - Chris Reynolds, MPSA·

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