Photo Travel Division (PTD) Service Awards

Photo Travel Division 
Service Awards

‚úČ Shirley Bormann, APSA, EPSA·



The PSA Photo Travel DivisionService Awards Committee seeks out and recognizes division members who have substantially aided and supported the Photo Travel Division throughout the year. A Chair's Award, a Service Award, and Certificates of Recognition are awarded.


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  • 2017 Photo Travel Division Service Awards - PSA Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah
    15 year Service Award given to:
    Marie Schreiber, APSA, PPSA  –  (Who’s Who 2003-08; Star Ratings 2008-13; Treasurer- 2013-present; Membership Chair – 2015-present)

    5 year award certificates given to:

    Greg Duncan, MPSA, SPSA – Interclub Competition and C/R for PSA Intl Digital Exhibition (4 yrs)
    Bonnie Rovere, Best of Photo Travel (3 yrs) (and prev PSA Intl Print Exh (2 yrs)

    Certificates of Recognition for 2 plus years of service awarded to:

    Brian Magor, APSA, MPSA - Exhibition Standards (6 yrs), Division Chair (2 yrs)
    Judy Burr, APSA, EPSA - Photo Essay Competition (7 years)
    Shirley Bormann, EPSA – Secretary (8 years), Historian (7 Yrs), Div honors & Awards (3 yrs)
    Diana Magor, MPSA - PT Image Evaluator (3 yrs)
    Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA,EPSA – Journal News Rep (7 yrs)
    Nancy Wolejsza – Who’s Who Director – (3 yrs)

    Appreciation certificates awarded to:

    Les Lincke Study Group Director since 2017
    Pamela Liu – Newsletter editor 2017
    Joseph Tam, GMPSA, BPSA – Star Ratings Director Stars 1-4
    Dr Amy Pang Lai Man – Star Ratings Director Star 5
    Andrea Meras – Star Ratings Director Diamond/Galaxies

  • 2016 Photo Travel Division Service Awards - PSA Annual Conference - San Antonio, Texas
    5 year award certificates given to:
    Shirley Bormann, EPSA for Secretary and Historian
    Judy Burr, APSA, EPSA for Photo Essay Director
    Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA, EPSA for Journal News

    Certificates of Recognition for 2 plus years of service awarded to:
    Bonnie J. Rovere for chairing Best of Photo Travel (2016) and PSA International Print Exhibition (2015)
    Brian Magor, MPSA for Exhibition Standards Director and his continuing service to the division
    Elizabeth V Rylan (Liz) for Study Group Director
    Greg Duncan, PPSA for Interclub Competition Chair and International Digital Exhibition Chair
    Marie Schreiber for Treasurer and now Membership chair
    Marilyn Vosburg for PTD’s Newsletter Editor

    Appreciation certificates awarded to:
    Denise Dyson for chairing PTD International Print Exhibition
    Diana Magor, MPSA for service as Image Evaluator
    Mohammad Ali Salim, MPSA for Star/Galaxy Ratings Americas Director
    Nanciellen Davis, PPSA for service as TOPS Director
    Tony Potter, APSA, GMPSA for volunteering to take Star Ratings Director position
    Nancy Wolejsza for taking over Who’s Who Director position
    Erik Kissa, FPSA, MPSA – for judging international PTD exhibitions
    Valerie Duncan, MPSA – for judging international PTD exhibitions in UK
    Sue O’Connell – for judging international PTD Exhibitions in UK
    Peter Brisley for judging international PTD exhibitions in UK

    Chairman’s Award plaque to:
    Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA, EPSA for continuing dedication and service to PTD and to chairman
    Shirley Bormann, EPSA for continuing dedication and service to PTD and to chairman

    Service Medal Award 
    Tom Tauber, EPSA was presented a Service Medal Award for his leadership and his continuing service to the Division.

  • 2015 Photo Travel Division Service Awards - PSA Annual Conference - Yellowstone, Montana
    Service Recognition awards presented to following members for two years or more of ongoing service to the division:  
    Judy Burr, PPSA, Photo Essay Director
    Greg Duncan, EPSA, Interclub Competition Director and Projected Exhibition Chair
    Robert Leonard, HonPSA, EPSA, Outgoing Star Ratings Director
    Brian Magor, MPSA, Exhibition Standards Director
    Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA, EPSA, PSA Journal News editor
    Marie Schreiber, Treasurer
    Tom Tauber, EPSA, Chair and Outgoing Study Groups Director
    Ha Tran, EPSA, Who’s Who Director
    Marilyn Vosburg, Newsletter Editor
    Shirley Bormann, PPSA, Secretary
    Certificates of Appreciation
    Nanciellen Davis, PPSA, TOPS Director
    Valerie Duncan, MPSA, Membership Director
    Norbert Heil, APSA, MPSA, Program Presenter
    Diana Magor, MPSA, Image Evaluator
    Bonnie Rovere, Print Exhibition Chair
    Elizabeth Rylan, Study Groups Director
    David Stout, PPSA, Program Presenter
    Lip-Sent Tan, FPSA, MPSA, Program Presenter
    Outstanding Service
    The Outstanding Service Plaque was presented to Tam Le, EPSA, for his service as Photo Travel Director of Conference Programs, Service Awards, Best of Photo Travel Contest and IT support.  
  • 2014 - Photo Travel Division Service awards - PSA Conference, Albuquerque, NM
    Recognition of Service certificates
       Nancy H. Brown - handling Tops in PT 2012-14
       Judy Burr, PPSA - managing Travelette Competition 2012-14
       Marie Drumm, EPSA - Best of PT competition 2012-14
       Brian Magor, MPSA - serving as Exhibition Standards Director 2012-14 and for judging the PTD projected exhibition in 2014
       Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonPSA, EPSA - Journal news editor 2012-14 and for judging PTD print exhibition in 2014
       Tom Tauber, PPSA - conference programming for 2013 and study groups 2011-14 

    Appreciation certificates
       Lorette Burke, APSA - image evaluation 2013-14
       Greg Duncan, EPSA - managing the Inter-club competition for 2013-14
       Pax Garabedian, PPSA - judging PSA projected 2014
       Erik Kissa, APSA, MPSA - judging PSA prints 2014
       Tam Le, EPSA - awards and conference programming for 2014
       Ha Tran, EPSA - Handling Who’s Who for 2013-2014
       Robert J Leonard, FPSA, MPSA - handling star ratings in 2013-14
       Tony Potter, APSA, MPSA - judging PTD projected 2014
       Mike Riddle - judging PSA prints 2014
       Bonnie Rovere - handling PSA prints 2014
       Marie Schreiber - serving as PTD treasurer 2013-14
       Marilyn Vosburg - producing PTD newsletters for 2013-14
    An Outstanding Service Award plaque with PSA Photo Travel Medal was given to Shirley Bormann, PPSA for her work as PTD Secretary since 2010.
  • 2013 - Photo Travel Division Service awards - PSA Conference, Portland, Maine
    Margaret Stafford for her 5 years of service to the division before retiring from her position as Who’s Who Director.    
    Marie Schreiber for her 10 plus years of service with PTD (before retiring from her 5 years as Stars Director position this year and prior to that 6 years as Who’s Who Director.
  • 2012 - Photo Travel Division Awards, PSA Conference, San Francisco
    PTD Chairman's Appreciation Awards (Certificate)
    Roger McCarthy - for Outstanding work with the Interclub Contests
    Judy Burr - for her work with the Travelette Competition
    Shirley Bormann - for her work creating a Division Master List
    Diane McKinley - for her work creating and publishing the PTD Newsletter
    George Bebout - for his Chairmanship of the PTD Definition Committee
    Certificates of Merit
    Margaret Stafford - for her work with Who's Who
    Nancy H. Brown - for her work with the Toops Program
    Marie Schreiber - for her work with Star Ratings
    Maria Korab-Laskowska - for her work as Program Director
    Larry McDonald - for his work as Treasurer of PTD
    Tom Tauber - for his work organizing and managing PTD Study Groups
    Lynn Troy Maniscalco - for her many contributions to the well-being of the PTD

    Certificates of Appreciation:
    Dinesh Pagaria - for his work with the Interclub Competition
    Brian Magor - for his work as Exhibition Coordinator
  • 2011 Photo Travel Division Awards, PSA Annual Conference, Colorado Springs
    PTD Chairman's Appreciation Awards (Certificate)
    Shirley Bormann, Secretary
    Nancy Brown, TOPS Director
    Outstanding Service Award
    Marie Schreiber, Director of Star Ratings

    Certificates of Merit
    Marie Williams, APSA, PPSA
    Robert Gorrill, APSA
    Jeanette Bowerman
    Elvira Lavell, EPSA
    Roger McCarthy
    Larry Durbin, APSA
  • 2010 Photo Travel Division Awards, PSA Annual Conference, Charleston
    PTD Chairman's Award plaques (for outstanding service to the Division):
    Charlie Burke, APSA, PPSA
    Maria Drumm

    Service Awards (for long service to the Division):  
    Faye Jones, APSA 
    Jean Marani 

    Certificates of Recognition:
    Marie Williams, PTD Conference Program Director
    Maria Drumm, PTD Travelette Program Director
    Marie Schreiber, PTD Star Ratings Director
    Margaret Stafford, PTD Who's Who Director
    Mary Ellen Brucker, FPSA, Immediate Past Chair
    George Bebout, APSA, Awards Director
    Jeanette Bowerman FPSA, ESPA, PTD Historian
    Jean Mariani, PTD Treasurer
    Charlie Burke APSA, PPSA, PTD Study Group Director
    Elvira Lavell, EPSA, PTD TOPS Director
    Roger McCarthy, PTD Interclub Competition Director
    Carlos Delgadillo, Secretary.
    Albert Doyle, PPSA, 1st Vice Chair
    Larry Durbin, Chairman, 2010 PTD Competition
    John Dean, FPSA, PTD Chair