Study Groups

General Guidelines for Nature Study Groups

Images are uploaded using the nature study group upload form by the close of day on the 14th of each month. 

Nature study group participants are assigned to either group A or group B. Months rotate so that one month a group reviews images from the same group and the next month reviews images from the other group.

Each group has an assigned moderator who rotates between groups.

Group members are expected to review each member of his/her assigned group each month. Reviews are posted on the 25th of each month only for those who have completed all their reviews.

The Study Group Administrator needs to be notified by Email any time a Study Group member plans to skip a round so the round is not held up waiting for that member's image. Any member who does not participate in the groups for three straight months is automatically dropped from the group. 

To check which reviews have been received, please consult the Reviews Received link.