3DD Historian

3D Division


‚úČ George A. Themelis, APSA·


The 3D Division Historian is responsible for collecting, recording, and maintaining information deemed important to the Division. An Annual Report is prepared by the Division Historian for the PSA Historian by December 1 each year. This report covers the time from the end of the previous year's PSA Annual Conference to the end of the present year's Conference, in keeping with the Division Office terms.

The Division Historian's Annual Report should include lists of:
  • The Division Officers, Directors, and other Officials
  • The Dates these volunteers served 
  • That year's recipients of Division Awards
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Individuals
  • All Division Activities and Competitions for Clubs
  • Any important changes within the Division (e.g., changes in program or activity requirements or conditions of entry, any motions passed, personnel changes during the year).


2011 3D Sequence Competition becomes a digital program
2011 First 3D Theme Issue of PSA Journal in May with anaglyphs and side by side images. 3D paper optic glasses were included for viewing the anaglyph images .
2010 Name changed to 3D
2000 Electronic Digital Internet (EDI) becomes official section of Stereo Division
1995 Slide of the Year changed to Image of the Year
1994 Stereo Cards accepted for the first time by an SD recognized exhibition (Chesapeake)
1992 New periodical "Dimensions Three" began
1990 Stereo Card Study Group formed
1973 PSA Gold Medal first awarded in Stereo Division
1966 Slide of the Year Award begins as a Stereo Division Award, changed from Realist Award
1964 Stereo Sequence Competition begins as a stereo slide program
1963 Stereo Division Service Awards established
1959 Realist Slide-of-the-Year Award begins. Contributed annually by Realist Inc. until 1966
1956 Emde Sequence Competition begins. Contributed annually by Emde Products until 1964
1955 First use of Project-O-Juster in PSA International Stereo Division. It pre-aligned slides vertically and horizontally, eliminating further adjustment when shown on screen
1954 PSA Silver Medal Awarded by Stereo Division for Best Slide
1952 First PSA Stereo International
1952 First Stereo Bulletin for Stereo Division
1952 Stereo Division formed
1951 PSA Board voted to establish Stereo Division