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Eddy De Groof, MPSA


Eddy De Groof lives in Belgium. In 1980, he started to become an enthusiastic photographer and devoted himself entirely to the making of black and white prints while translating his personal photographic vision into his images by means of the classical darkroom process. In 1998 he switched from the wet analogue silver-based processing to the digital darkroom procedure of scanning slides and negatives into his PC followed by further ‘developing' and fine art printing by means of Photoshop.

In 1995 he joined PSA. In 2005 he retired from his job at the Esso-refinery in Antwerp and moved to live in Ostend at the Belgian coast where a brand new circle of acquaintances and friends succeeded also raising his interest in color photography. Finally he started to spend some extra time travelling to rather exotic areas in order to be able to personally photograph people and animals in their original environment.  

At present, he is an active member of four photo clubs: Spoor Oostende, Candela Leffinge, Fotogroep t'Kasteel Zandvoorde, and Krysto in Wijnegem, Luisteren. He received his EPSA in 2011 and his MPSA in 2014.

Cape Kidnappers Gannets
Hassan II Moskee
Salamanca na de Regen
Geeloogpinguins Dunedin
Aanval Jackhals

All images © Eddy De Groof