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Guy Davies, EPSA


Guy was born in England and has lived there all his life. His interest in photography started when he was given a box camera at the age of eleven, and soon afterwards he was learning to develop and print his own pictures. However, photography really became a serious pastime in the mid 1980's when he joined his first camera club. He started entering international exhibitions in 2003 and joined PSA in 2005. Shortly afterwards, he joined EID online Study Group 4 and has greatly enjoyed the friendly exchange of comments on the images in the group. He received the PPSA in 2009 and EPSA in 2011. He was also awarded AFIAP in 2009 and EFIAP in 2011, and ARPS in 2009.

His favourite photographic subject is landscapes, but he also enjoys waterfalls and seascapes. He has photographed people too, but only in the environment, not in the studio. He changed from film to digital in 2004 and has never used film since. He enjoys the freedom of digital capture to experiment, and the ability to fine-tune an image in digital presentation.

Guy, along with his wife Paula, present lectures at many camera clubs and photographic societies in the UK. He also judges club competitions and exhibitions.

Infinity Bridge Evening
Flight into the Mist
Stormy Weather
RG-Davies_Guy-Beach_Gallop.jpg RG-Davies_Guy-Mountain_Weather.jpg
Mountain Weather
Carnival Duo