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David Butler

David Butler, PPSA

A retired Chartered Civil Engineer by profession and a photographer by choice, David began photographing around 1980 upon joining a local camera club. He never has been a camera hardware “freak” but instead has an interest first and foremost in images – which is still his motivation today.

David is an award winning amateur photographer, based in the northwest of England, who has traveled extensively throughout the world. His images are entered in many international and national exhibitions with numerous successes. Ultimate success in these exhibitions led to the award of AFIAP in 1989, followed by EFIAP in 1994, and ultimately to MFIAP in 1999, together with an ARPS in 1998 along the way. He joined PSA in 2011 and achieved his PPSA in 2014.

He is judge for the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain [PAGB] and has judged from camera clubs to international exhibitions.