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Danne Johansen, PPSA, EFIAP/p

Danne Johansen is a Danish photographer and he has had photography as a hobby since 1986. He is very competition minde with everything he is doing,and he has been joining competitions National and International since 1997. In 2019 he recieved the FIAP title EFIAP/p.

He has been a member of PSA since 2017 and earned his PPSA in 2020. His favorite motives are model photo (mostly nude), and every summe he make a trip to the Czech Republic, only for making nude photos, Some of the Chech models come to Denmark and they are staying with his family for some days, and that gives him free shooting with the models. Another of his interests is photos of Damsels and dragonflies. He is sending photos to around 30 - 50 competitions a year, and he have aroud 3 - 5 exhibitions in Denmark every year. My fure goal is to go for as many PSA Distinctions as possible.