North Carolina

Daniel Ellis

I have been involved with photography off and on for more than 40 years as a job, as a hobby, and as a business, for a living and as a way to relax. I am recently retired from another full time career and again returning to photography for a leisure hobby. I enjoy shooting scenics and railroads, and I enjoy working with aspiring models looking to start their careers. Most of my experience has been with film and darkrooms working with negatives and transparencies. My experience includes use of day lab developers and printers, and I used to own a studio for non location work. I am a new comer to the world of digital photography, pixels and photo-shop. The skills behind the camera are pretty standard but I am learning everything else from the ground up and it is a real experience for an old dinosaur. I do have some work on a modeling site ( and I would love to have everyone stop in and share any compliments they might have.