Daniel De Cort, QPSA

Photography always was part of my life. From my youth I followed the example of my father and elder brother. From my 16th I became member of a photo club: Foto Gamma Leuven. Later I became the president, still now I am a board member. For five years I studied at the Academy of fine arts in Leuven, and graduated in digital photography.

I am always looking for structures, shapes and stripes in urban landscape and nature. Street photography and people in the studio are my principal interest. To narrate a story is becoming more and more important as well as to implement contents to my photography. I also find inspiration and photographic challenge in the underwater world with its unique landscapes and fish. Photographing people is also of interest. website: http://danieldc.jalbum.net  Facebook: Daniel De Cort

Daniel De Cort earned his QPSA in 2021