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Dan Sniffin

Dan is a third-generation native Californian, who has lived in Fresno since 1964. He graduated from Fresno State College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. He has been a long-time photographer, dating back to his teens where he learned the basics of the craft while working in a photo shop.

His serious interest in photography started in 1986 when he joined the Fresno Camera Club, becoming its president in 1987. He began exhibiting internationally on a very limited basis that year through PSA-sponsored competitions, and became Fresno’s Nature chairman for their international exhibitions for the next three years. He took a break from exhibiting internationally until 2010.

Dan won a top five (merit) award in National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Travel Memories competition in 1995, which had over 7,000 entries worldwide with 23,500 images submitted. The merit award image was taken in County Kerry, Ireland. He was honored and was given the title of “honorary ambassador to Ireland in 1998,” by the Killarney Urban District Council for creating public interest in County Kerry.

Since 2010, he has frequently been listed in Who’s Who in Photography in both Color and Nature divisions. He has also had some of his work available on consignment at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park. He has produced a number of major solo exhibitions in Fresno. His work appears on postcards, covers, corporate journals, and has been marketed worldwide. Examples of his work can be viewed at this web site: dansniffinphoto.com