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Cyril Mazansky, GMPSA, SPSA·

I have been a serious photographer for the past 30+ years. I first worked with Nikon equipment & then in about 2002 started using a large format camera. With the near demise of film-based photography I switched a few years ago once again to a DSLR, using Nikon equipment. After a hiatus of over a decade, I have once again become actively involved in PSA international salons and also other PSA activity. I am also just beginning to explore manipulative photography.

I am essentially now retired from the practice of medicine as a diagnostic radiologist. I am married, have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. They are all the delight of our lives & my family takes a strong interest in my photographic pursuits.

Cyril Mazansky earned his PPSA in 1997, his EPSA in 2002, his MPSA in 2013, and his GMPSA in 2018. He earned his BPSA Portfolio distinction in 2017 and his SPSA in 2019.

Namibian Sand Dune

Patagonian Glacier

Virgin Narrows, Zion NP

In the Smokies

Tunbridge Wells, Vermont

Lower Antelope Canyon