CPID Individual Creative

2011-2012 CPID Individual Creative Competition Round 3 Gallery

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 Disqualified and removed CPID-ICC-2012-R3-2nd_1061_-_Copy.jpg CPID-ICC-2012-R3-3rd_1054.jpg
    Second Place: Mad Hathatterter
Mark Illingworth, United Kingdom
Third Place: Male Lunatics  
Julian Negredo, Spain
CPID-ICC-2012-R3-4JCN_1057.jpg CPID-ICC-2012-R3-4JCS_2065.jpg
Judge's Choice: Tennis Player
Nancy Springer, USA
 Judge's Choice: Peeled
Kristina Oswald, USA
Judge's Choice: Purrrfect  
Nancy Springer, USA
CPID-ICC-2012-R3-5DC_1020.jpg CPID-ICC-2012-R3-6TC_2061.jpg CPID-ICC-2012-R3-6TC_1061.jpg
Director's Choice: Koi Pool 
Clive Kingsley, United Kingdom
Highest Total Score: Sun Spirit 
Mark Illingworth, United Kingdom
Highest Total Score: Mad Hathatterter
Mark Illingworth, United Kingdom