CPID Interclub Creative

2011-2012 CPID Creative Interclub Competition Round 3 Awards & Honorable Mentions

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Group A - Awards of Merit
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-18.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-19.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-20.jpg
Garre Dhenny Ares 

Jean Michel Diesbecq
Addiction 7
Scott Foster
Gateway Camera Club
Contemplation Butterflies 
Carol Tippin
Hoylake Photographic Soc
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-21.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-22.jpg
Thorp Perrow
John Williams
West Cumbria Photo Group
Funambule Guy
Vandon Eynde
Group A - Honorable Mentions
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-29.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-30.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-31.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-32.jpg
Drunken Notes 
Sally Brown
Englewood Camera Club
Green Leaf Design
Sandy Menard
Modesto Camera Club
 Mother and Child 4
Pax Garabedian
West Cumbria Photo Group
 View Over the Thames
Phil Thompson
West Cumbria Photo Group
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-33.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-34.jpg
In the Fishbowl of Life
Wanda Krack
Cookeville Camera Club
Art Brussel
Monique Vagenhende
Group B - Awards of Merit
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-45.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-50.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-51.jpg
Lady in Pink 

Nan Carder, PPSA
Lancaster Photog Assoc
Slice of Heaven
Paula Xavier
Fall River Camera Club
Erie Canalway
Linda Wroble
Schnectady Phot Soc
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-52.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-53.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-54.jpg
Eryn Avatar
Kurtiss Humphrey
Lancaster Photo Ass.
Into the Mystical Wood
Cal Ellinwood
Fall River Camera Club
Wright Flyer
Sterling Sanders
Wasatch Camera Club
Group B - Honorable Mentions
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-61.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-62.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-63.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-64.jpg
Fiddle Vibes 
Viki Gaul
Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia
Old Diner
Dale Ware
Lancaster Photographic Assoc
In the Dead of Winter
Cal Elinwood
Fall River Camera Club
 Fast and Furious 35
Elio Dolente
Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-65.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-66.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-67.jpg
Money Man
Kenneth Deitcher, FPSA
Schnectady Photographic Soc
Pat Ware
Lancaster Photographic Assoc
Ashtabula Light
Bill Lewis
Westen Reserve Photographic Society
Group C - Awards of Merit
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-78.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-79.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-80.jpg
Ship in a Bottle 

Pete Bounsbury
Delaware Photog Soc
Going to Work
Robbie Robinson
Mississauga Camera Club 
Harvest Moon
Patsy Costas
Delaware Photog Soc 
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-81.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-82.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-83.jpg
Visual Destination
Sonya Lang
Pilchuck Camera Club
The Future of Warfare
Barry Mead
Bristol Photog Soc
Mammoth Hot Springs
Ron Manning
Mississauga Camera Club
Group C - Honorable Mentions
CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-90.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-91.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-92.jpg CPID-CIC-2012-Round3-93.jpg
Leszek Paradowski
Fotoferia Club
Leszek Bujnowski
Fotoferia Club
Annette Seip
Mississauga Camera Club 
Dizzy Heights
Sue Heaton