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Applying for PSA Honors

Applying for PSA Honors

Applying for PSA Honors Consultant   

‚úČ Henry Ng, HonFPSA, EPSA, EFIAP·

One potential resource available to a member proposing another member for a PSA Honor (i.e., acting as a Proposer), is the advice of an experienced member who has agreed to serve as an Honors Consultant. The role of the Honors Consultant is limited to providing input and assistance to Proposers.

Members of this group are generally, but not necessarily, drawn from past Honors Committee members as they have familiarity with what constitutes a well structured and documented Proposal. The “Consultants” are given the latest Honors Instructions and Forms as well as the Guide to preparing a Proposal. · They are required to sign an agreement, as part of a Consent to Serve form, designed by the Honors Committee for this purpose, that all aspects of any proposal they may assist with are confidential and may not be discussed with anyone other than the Proposer, Endorsers or Honors Committee. · The consultants would also be instructed that they are NOT to write the Proposal for the Proposer. The intent is that they are to provide:

i. Suggestions and input to a Proposer on how to organize the information presented in the proposal, ii. Questions that the Proposer may have overlooked in identifying the qualifications of a Candidateiii. Suggestions on what should be covered in the Proposer’s or Endorser’s statement, etc.

Remember – The Honors Consultant will not to write the proposal for you. That is your job as a Proposer. They can advise you on how to identify and develop the credentials of your Candidate, how to present those credentials in an orderly and clear manner, and when you need to add a brief description of a role or aspect of the credential so that the Honors Committee will better understand what was involved and whether this was a basic level service or if it involved a higher level of leadership (e.g., Officer, Director, Chairperson, etc.).

The use of a consultant does not in any way guarantee the approval of a Proposal. Approval will depend entirely on the credentials of the Candidate.