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Connie Fresn

Connie Fresn began her love of photography at 10 years old when she was given a point and shoot film camera. It became a real passion during a one-year developmental role at work when she was 31 years old; however, her three children, husband and her goal of a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice took precedence.

In 2010 she was finally able to purchase her first DSLR and has just recently began to turn a hobby into a more professional role. Connie has been a member of the PSA for one year and is taking advantage of all it has to offer, taking the online courses Image Analysis and Photography Instruction. She is also a member of the PSA's PID Digital Dialogue Group 26. Connie's interests are varied, but animals are her heart and love. She uses a Canon 7D and a 5D Mark III.