PSA Club Representative Responsibilities

Club and Council Rep Master Operating Manuals: » Club Rep: pdf | Council Representative: pdf

Each PSA-member club and council will have one person identified as the PSA Rep when the club or council applies for membership. Each PSA-member club or council will also provide a mailing address, an email contact, a phone number, and a club/council web site URL. Often the mailing address, email address, and phone number are that of the PSA Club or Council Rep.

This contact person will be listed in the PSA Membership database and the Club Rep name can be changed at any time. Since the PSA Club or Council Rep represents is the liaison with PSA, it is highly recommended that the Club/Council Rep will be a PSA individual member.

The PSA Club Rep of the Year award will be presented yearly to a PSA-member Club Representative from a large and a small club.

The PSA Club or Council Representative Responsibilities:
  • Review the respective Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the Club Representative or the Council Representative (see above)

  • Receive the club’s/council’s copy of the PSA Journal each month and bring that copy to the next meeting to share it with club/council members and potential PSA members. 

  • Receive the club or council’s annual PSA membership invoice and transfer the invoice to the Treasurer for on-time payment. The Club or Council Rep may make the PSA membership payment and be reimbursed by the organization. The Club or Council Rep will receive any PSA Membership Renewal Reminder Emails. 

  • Receive and review the PSA quarterly club and council newsletter, the Projector, and send it via email to the officers, board, and membership. The Projector may also be viewed on the organization’s web site.

  • Review the contents of the PSA Club/Council Services section of the PSA website regularly for new information to share with club or council members.

  • Speak at each club/council meeting regarding the latest PSA benefits, services, or activities that individual and club PSA members can enjoy and encourage PSA membership. 

  • Help any club or council member who wishes to become a PSA member. Offer help with their online membership application questions.

  • Encourage the club to participate in PSA Interclub Competitions. Become the Interclub Coordinator for the club and submit the club’s entry or identify another club member to be the Interclub Coordinator.

  • Encourage the councils to enter the PSA Councils Challenge. 

  • Encourage the club/council to enter the Website Contest and the Newsletter Contest, and receive feedback and possible recognition.

  • Encourage the club or council to become a sponsor of local high school photography students in the Photographic Society of America Youth Showcase.

  • Encourage the promotion of the club’s/council’s sponsorship of a PSA International Exhibition.

  • Identify PSA-recognized Exhibitions with upcoming closing dates and encourage participation by club members.

  • Assist and educate club members entering PSA International Exhibitions on how to track and keep Acceptance records in each Division. Assist members as needed on how to apply for Division Stars. Assist and educate members on how to apply for Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA).   
  • Assist the PSA membership team with recruiting new members and earn Membership Stars.