Getting Started as a PSA-Member Club or Council Representative

Whether your organization is a new club or council that is just "getting started," or is an established organization that is "getting started" as a new PSA member; this PSA Club/Councils Services area will provide information and a Consultant to help the organization make the most of the benefits of PSA club or council membership.

When a club or council joins PSA, the club organization’s name is listed, and the club or council web site is linked from a PSA Area Membership or Region webpage. The PSA member club or council can use the PSA logo on their web site and in their club literature. A club or council member will be the PSA Representative to PSA. PSA provides a PSA Rep "job description" or MOM to help identify the Rep's responsibilities to the club or council. Five documents share helpful information to help your club decide if it should incorporate or not, apply for non-profit status, and how to establish Bylaws, etc. PSA sends, via email, a quarterly newsletter, The Projector, to all member clubs and councils. PSA member clubs are featured occasionally in the PSA Journal and the Journal includes some "how to" articles that are written to help member clubs. These articles provide a good reference for clubs that are getting started and are included here.

Getting Started
as a Club Consultant

✉ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·


Getting Started
as a Council Consultant

✉ Kathy Wall·

North America Membership Areas and Outside North America Areas Webpages

The PSA Membership Areas are linked from a North American map or a list of Area Countries. Click on the appropriate map or list, find the area where your club or council is located, and click on that area or region. On the club's/council’s membership areas webpage you will see your Area Membership Director and State/Province Membership Area Director in North America and your Country Membership Director Outside of North America who can help answer local questions. You will find your club/council name and web site link. 

As a member, your club can use the PSA logo on your web site.  Please include a link to the PSA web site.  The PSA Photo Festival logo (accessed from the current PSA Photo Festival page) can also be posted on your club web site.

PSA Chapters are also listed on the area membership web pages.

Club/Council Rep

Each PSA member club and council has a PSA Representative (Rep) who is listed as the contact person in the membership database.  The PSA Rep receives the organization's copy of the monthly PSA Journal, the quarterly emailed Projector, and membership renewal notices.
  • Download the Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the Club/Council Rep position (linked from the top of this page)
  • Update the Club/Council Rep name, address, phone number, and/or email address by logging into the PSA site and selecting "Update Info" from the left pane

Club Representative of the Year Award

The PSA Board has established a Club Representative of the Year Award, beginning with the 2010 Conference.  Two Awards are presented at the Opening Meeting of the PSA Conference each year, with one plaque to the Small Club Rep of the Year and the other to the Large Club Rep of the year. Club Reps who keep their clubs involved with PSA activities, present PSA information at each meeting, and refer many individual members to PSA, are recognized.  This award recognizes the important role of the PSA Club Representative.  

If you do not know who your Club Rep is or question whether your club's PSA Representative is doing the job they should be doing on behalf of the club, ask your club's board. Make sure your club is getting all the information and benefits that PSA sends to member clubs via the PSA Club Representative. 

Focus Articles - The PSA Journal includes an occasional article titled Focus, which features a member or member club.  Read Focus articles for PSA member clubs

Starting a Club

The Following pdf documents have been written to help those starting a camera club.

Starting a Council