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PSA Consultants are available to help your club access the many benefits available to PSA-member clubs and councils. Please select a topic, below, to view information and contact information. Be prepared to give your PSA member number upon request.

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  • NEW: Image Analysis Workshop for Clubs

    Image Analysis Workshop Director   

    ✉ Heide Stover·


    The Image Analysis Workshop is a 2- to 3-hour workshop offered to PSA-member clubs and councils. It is an introduction to analyzing images and is similar to the online course offered to PSA individual members. The workshop is presented by a trained leader to cover topics such as: what is image analysis; analyzing an image using elements such as impact, composition, lighting, and creativity; and identifying trouble areas such as distractions and split interest. It also covers eye movement.

    The workshop is a “hands-on”, interactive course limited to eight active participants and unlimited observers who do not participate in the workshop.  The first part of the workshop incorporates example images corresponding to the topic being discussed.  Each participant will analyze an image related to the subject just covered.  The second part of the workshop uses images submitted by the participants who then discuss and critique each other’s images.  This workshop has been an effective tool in providing information to improving one’s photography.

    Interested PSA-member clubs should contact the Image Analysis Workshop Director at

  • Contests - Newsletter and Website

    PSA Club Newsletter & Website Contest

    ✉ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·


    PSA offers member clubs and councils the opportunity to enter two contests which provide the club or council with valuable input and recommendations to help improve their website and/or newsletter: the Website Contest and the Newsletter Contest. Additionally, these two programs recognize those PSA-member clubs and councils that have accomplished outstanding work communicating with their membership and potential members via their web site and newsletter during that year.                

    The Consultant is available to help the club or council make a decision to enter one or both contests. The Consultant can answer questions and help the club or council make the most of this benefit of their PSA membership.

  • Communication for Clubs and Councils

    PSA Club/Council Communication

    Club Communication

    Margaret Sprott, APSA·

    The success of any club depends on communication among its membership.  Most photography clubs today have websites and the club website is the primary source of standard communication (e.g., meeting location, officers, schedule, description of activities) and acquisition of new club members.  Many clubs continue to have a club newsletter which is sent to the membership via email and/or posted on the club website.  E-Blasts (group emails) are becoming more popular with clubs and serve the function of very rapid communication.

    ✉ Marty Welter·
    Club Website Consultant

    Club Websites and Discount to Visual Pursuits

    *** PSA-member clubs receive a discount from Visual Pursuits for a template web site that can be easily customized for your club. This website is used to manage most aspects of a club and is fully integrated with a software program provided to create, manage, and show images in a competition environment. Photo galleries are included for individual club members.

    To learn more and see a five minute video about the PSA-member discounted template website, go to:

    It is also possible to establish free website hosting.  The following article provides several sources that may be considered, though many may no longer exist..
    Established hosting services may be considered to create club member galleries that can be linked to the club website. Popular hosting services for web photo galleries include:

    Club Newsletters

    A club newsletter may be one page or several pages, it may have formal graphics and layout or not be very structured, it may include photographs or not, and it may come out at regular intervals (monthly, every other month) or occasionally as there is information to be shared.  The important thing is to keep it simple and have the important dates and times easy to find.  If you need help with your club newsletter, join the PSA PhotoEditors Group and ask the Consultant.

    Club E-Blasts

    Immediate communication is becoming expected by new photography club members. Some clubs are "virtual" and only "meet" via email and through online photo discussions and competitions.  The E-Blast is a growing part of club and council communication. The club member email addresses should be protected. Send all E-Blasts to members as BCC (Blind Copies).  Find out how many email addresses you can include in a "group" in your email system. Several "groups" may need to be formed to send an email to every member.  If your club is small and you have everyone's permission, you can send an open email to the membership and they can "reply" or "reply all."

    Your club can also establish a group email exchange and the club members can decide if they wish to participate.  The article below describes how this works for camera clubs.

  • Community Service for Clubs, Councils and Chapters

    PSA Club/Council Community Service

    Community Service Youth Showcase Consultant

    Kathleen Z. Braun, HonPSA, PPSA·



    Many photography clubs perform some community service and make it a part of the club schedule.  PSA recognizes club community service using photography with an annual award.

    Each year PSA holds a Youth Showcase, which is a competition for high school age students in public and private schools, 4-H Clubs, and Scouts. Home school youth in this age group are also eligible. 

    Youth Showcase entries are sponsored by PSA chapters, PSA-member clubs and councils.  This PSA activity is a good way for clubs to get involved in community service.

    Many photography clubs enjoy some community service and make it a part of the club schedule.  PSA recognizes club community service with an annual award.

    PSA Youth Showcase

    Each year PSA holds a Youth Showcase, which is a competition for high school age students in public and private schools.

    Youth Showcase entrants are sponsored by PSA Chapters, PSA-member clubs and councils.  This PSA activity is a good way for clubs to get involved with the youth in the local high school and recognizing their skills in photography.

    The Youth Showcase Consultant (who is also the Youth Showcase Director) is available to help. 

    Read the article below describing how the PSA Youth Showcase worked for a PSA-member club. Then read about the PSA Youth Showcase (see link at top of this page). Contact the Consultant if there are any questions.

    Consider various ways identify schools or groups in your area that might be interested in participating in this activity.  Make arrangements to meet with the teacher or program director and offer the club's service with the youngster's photography. It is important to obtain permission from the schools to solicit students' works for this competition. Establish a method for selecting the prints and digital images that will be submitted, and then submit the youth’s entries on time before the deadline.

    Have someone take photos of the prints that are selected and are displayed at the PSA Annual Conference and show the photos to the youngsters. Other ideas are to make slide shows of the sponsor’s entries for the schools and students and to send information for articles about the Youth Showcase to the local newspaper. Make plans to expand your club's youth program for the next year. Your club can gift the youth group or teacher with a PSA membership so the youngsters can share a copy of the PSA Journal and learn more about PSA. The Youth Showcase winners and their images are published in the September issue of the PSA Journal and are also available from the link to the Youth Showcase on top of this page.

    PSA Club Service Award

    Many photography clubs enjoy community service and make it a part of their club activities.  PSA recognizes club’s community service with an annual award. More information on the PSA Club Service Award.

    The Community Involvement section (below) lists some activities that clubs can do to earn the PSA Club Services Award. 

    Community Involvement

    Some clubs provide photography or Photoshop classes at no charge for youngsters or adults.  There are clubs that prepare print photo galleries for local hospitals, Community Centers, or senior facilities.  Photography clubs have offered their services at no charge to photograph animals for adoption at shelters, children at school events, or glamour shots for cancer survivors.  Clubs have donated their members' prints for auction to raise money for relief efforts.  Other clubs prepare photo shows specifically to share with community groups.  Help with these projects and other community service efforts is available for PSA organizations.

  • Exhibitions - for all Organizations

    Hosting a PSA-Recognized Exhibition

    Hosting a PSA-Recognized Exhibition Consultant

    ✉ Lynn Troy Maniscalco, HonFPSA, EPSA·

    An organization desiring to host an exhibition can apply to PSA to have that exhibition “recognized” by PSA. The organization must agree to conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards when they hold their exhibition. Following the judging, the group will send a report to PSA listing the images that were “accepted” for their public exhibition. This report will include the titles of the accepted images, the photographer’s name and country for each accepted image, the judges’ name and the images that received any medals.  The group must also provide a “Catalog” to all entrants that includes the information in the report sent to PSA and reproductions of the winning images.

    Any PSA-member club, council, or PSA Chapter may host a PSA-recognized exhibition. The PSA Exhibition Consultant is available to answer questions on how to host an exhibition.  If any PSA organization is interested in hosting such an exhibition, please read the information below, especially the Exhibition Standards. If there are questions, please contact the PSA Exhibition Consultant.

  • Getting Started - for Clubs and Councils

    Getting Started as a Club or Council Representative

    Whether your organization is a new club or council that is just "getting started," or is an established organization that is "getting started" as a new PSA member; this PSA Club/Councils Services area will provide information and a Consultant to help the organization make the most of the benefits of PSA club or council membership.

    When a club or council joins PSA, the club organization’s name is listed, and the club or council web site is linked from a PSA Area Membership or Region webpage. The PSA member club or council can use the PSA logo on their web site and in their club literature. A club or council member will be the PSA Representative to PSA. PSA provides a PSA Rep "job description" or MOM to help identify the Rep's responsibilities to the club or council. Five documents share helpful information to help your club decide if it should incorporate or not, apply for non-profit status, and how to establish Bylaws, etc. PSA sends, via email, a quarterly newsletter, The Projector, to all member clubs and councils. PSA member clubs are featured occasionally in the PSA Journal and the Journal includes some "how to" articles that are written to help member clubs. These articles provide a good reference for clubs that are getting started and are included here.

    Getting Started
    as a Club Consultant

    ✉ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·


    Getting Started
    as a Council Consultant

    ✉ Kathy Wall, APSA·

    North America Membership Areas and Outside North America Areas Webpages

    The PSA Membership Areas are linked from a North American map or a list of Area Countries. Click on the appropriate map or list, find the area where your club or council is located, and click on that area or region. On the club's/council’s membership areas webpage you will see your Area Membership Director and State/Province Membership Area Director in North America and your Country Membership Director Outside of North America who can help answer local questions. You will find your club/council name and web site link. 

    As a member, your club can use the PSA logo on your web site.  Please include a link to the PSA web site.  The PSA Photo Festival logo (accessed from the current PSA Photo Festival page) can also be posted on your club web site.

    PSA Chapters are also listed on the area membership web pages.

    Club/Council Rep

    Each PSA member club and council has a PSA Representative (Rep) who is listed as the contact person in the membership database.  The PSA Rep receives the organization's copy of the monthly PSA Journal, the quarterly emailed Projector, and membership renewal notices.
    • Download the Master Operating Manual (MOM) for the Club/Council Rep position (linked from the top of this page)
    • Update the Club/Council Rep name, address, phone number, and/or email address by logging into the PSA site and selecting "Update Info" from the left pane

    Club Representative of the Year Award

    The PSA Board has established a Club Representative of the Year Award, beginning with the 2010 Conference.  Two Awards are presented at the Opening Meeting of the PSA Conference each year, with one plaque to the Small Club Rep of the Year and the other to the Large Club Rep of the year. Club Reps who keep their clubs involved with PSA activities, present PSA information at each meeting, and refer many individual members to PSA, are recognized.  This award recognizes the important role of the PSA Club Representative.  

    If you do not know who your Club Rep is or question whether your club's PSA Representative is doing the job they should be doing on behalf of the club, ask your club's board. Make sure your club is getting all the information and benefits that PSA sends to member clubs via the PSA Club Representative. 

    Focus Articles - The PSA Journal includes an occasional article titled Focus, which features a member or member club.  Read Focus articles for PSA member clubs

    Starting a Club

    The Following pdf documents have been written to help those starting a camera club.

    Starting a Council

  • Interclub Competition - for Clubs Only

    PSA Club/Council Interclub Competitions

    Interclub Competition

    ✉ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·

     Signe Emmerich 

    PSA offers a unique opportunity for member clubs from all over the world to enter Interclub Competitions each year.  Both the club and individual members of the club can receive recognition for their photography.  Clubs wishing to enter one or more PSA Interclub Competition, should read the article linked below, "A Dynamic Interactive Process for Entering PSA Interclub Competitions" and contact the Consultant with any questions.


    Interclub Competitions

    The PSA Interclub Competitions are organized by PSA Divisions and begin in the fall each year.  Each Interclub Competition has its own schedule, guidelines, and requirements (e.g., three or four judgings a year; one or several skill levels).  If a club wishes to enter, but the competition year has already had one judging, the club can usually enter, but cannot receive awards for one set of images.  See the Interclub Deadline chart. 

    Read the guidelines for operating PSA competitions:  »Division Interclubs - pdf

    PSA Interclub Competition List

    There are six free digital Interclub Competitions sponsored by five PSA Divisions.  The links below go directly to the Division's Interclub Competition webpage where detailed information (including entry forms) is available.  Each webpage provides a link to the Interclub Competition Chair:
    There is a print Interclub Competition sponsored by the PSA Pictorial Print Division. The link below goes directly to the Print Division's Interclub Competition webpage where detailed information (including entry form) is available.      

    Interclub Comparison Chart

    The Interclub Comparison Chart is a quick reference to all eight of the PSA Interclub Competitions and is designed to help clubs select the Interclub Competition(s) that the club wishes to enter. The chart contains a link to the webpage for each PSA Interclub Competition and a link to each Interclub Director's email.

    How to Enter

    Determine which PSA Interclub Competition(s) the club wishes to enter.  Identify a Club Interclub Competition Chair or a different Club Chair for each Interclub Competition. The Club Interclub Chair(s) can work with the Consultant and the Chair of each Division Interclub Competition to make sure there is understanding of the guidelines (and the definitions for the reality based Divisions - Nature, Photo Travel, and Photojournalism). Register with the Division Interclub Chair and begin gathering images from club members.

    Ways to Involve Club Members

  • Judging Service for Clubs Only

    PSA Club/Council Judging Services

    Digital Judging Services Director/Consultant

    ✉ Erik L. Rosengren, FPSA, PPSA·


    Digital Services Advisor

    ✉ Heide Stover·

    PSA has qualified judges who volunteer their judging services with proper lead time and scheduling for such activities as monthly club critiques and End of Year scoring.  

    This service is for digital images only, sent in electronic format or website access. The judging report, along with limited critiques if requested, will be returned to the contact person via email.  The information below is to be provided in an email and sent to the Club Services Director to have a club judging arranged.

    To arrange Digital judging, be prepared to provide:
    • Name of PSA-member Club/Council
    • Club PSA Number
    • Contact person, email address, phone number, club position
    • City, State, Country
    • Images judged: Pictorial, Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism
    • Number of images to be judged
    • Date images will be sent, date judging report is due back to club contact person
    • Description of judging needed (e.g., critique, scores, awards)                                 
    • Description of scoring to be used (e.g., 3 to 9, 3 to 5, half points)
    • Number of Awards and HMs to be selected
    • Special instructions (e.g., description of a theme, number of skill levels)
    • Description of judging software used and any computer requirements (e.g., PC, Mac)

  • Recognition for Clubs and Councils

    PSA Club Recognition Consultant


    ✉ Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·


    Just as most individuals respond favorably to receiving recognition, photography clubs can be inspired when the club receives recognition for its efforts.  With this in mind, PSA has several programs that address the various areas where a PSA-member club may have accomplished outstanding work during a year.  The Consultant can help your club or council to apply for these PSA recognition awards (except Interclub Competition entry which has its own Consultant).


    The PSA Interclub Competitions all lead to a "ranking" after each judging and at the end of each competition year (some within skill levels).  There are club web site and club newsletter contests.  The PSA Exhibition has a Club Award for those clubs with members receiving the highest scores.   There is a PSA Service Award for club service.  PSA-member Councils of camera clubs have their own yearly Council's Challenge with rankings in three areas and an overall winner.

    PSA Interclub Competition Awards

    The PSA Interclub Competitions have been described in another section; however, the significance of the recognition received by the PSA-member club and individual club members from Interclub Competitions cannot be stressed too often.

    The results of each PSA Interclub Competition and the Interclub End of Year judging are reported as a News Item on the PSA web site homepage and in the "Division News" near the back of each PSA Journal.  The Club Rep can pass around the PSA Journal issues with the names of club members.  The ribbons received from an Interclub Competition should be presented in front of the entire club and photos of the presentation can be posted on the club web site.

    PSA Club Web Site Contest

    Getting club members involved in the annual PSA Club Web Site Contest can be very rewarding. Try to get your club to enter this year.

    PSA Club Newsletter Contest

    Another PSA contest that can bring club members together on a project is the PSA International Club Newsletter Contest. One issue of the club newsletter needs to be selected and an online vote of the club membership can be exciting.  Hopefully your club can enter this contest this year.

    PSA International Exhibition, Pictoral Print Division Club Award

    For the annual PSA International Exhibition, the PSA Pictorial Print Division offers special awards for the Best Camera Club Entry.  These awards are available in Small Color, Small Monochrome, Large Color, and Large Monochrome prints.  A club must have seven (7) or more entries to be eligible.  The cumulative scores for the top seven (7) exhibitors from each club are added up.  The club with the highest cumulative score receives First place, the next highest cumulative score receives Second place, and the next highest receives Third place.  The winning clubs are listed on the PSA Exhibition web site for one year.

    PSA Club Service Awards

    The PSA Club Service Awards acknowledge the many major photographic service efforts made by PSA-member clubs in communities world-wide. One proposer and two endorsers are required for the PSA Club Service Award.  The PSA Club Service Awards are presented each year during the Opening Meeting of the PSA Conference.  The club(s) receiving the award are listed in the October issue of the PSA Journal.

    PSA Council's Challenge

    The International organizations that include several camera clubs; whether the group of clubs is called a Council, a Federation, or an Association, are all eligible to enter the annual PSA Council's Challenge.  Each "group" may enter ten color digital images from ten makers, ten monochrome digital images from ten makers, and ten prints by ten different makers.  There are separate judgings for each category, individual winners are selected, and a ranking for all the groups that entered is listed.  The scores for each category are tallied and an overall winning "group" is identified.  If you belong to a group of camera clubs, encourage the group to enter the PSA Council's Challenge.

  • Club Programs

    PSA Club Programs

    ✉ Janet Bigalke, FPSA·


    One of the responsibilities of a photo club Board of Directors or the person who has been designated as the "Program Director," is the planning for membership-appropriate programs during the club year. PSA has programs and workshops available to PSA-member clubs on DVD or CD. Field trips usually become an important part of a club's program.

    The following documents are available to PSA-member clubs and Councils to help the club's Program Director to plan programs.