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Chun Choi (Andy) Tang, MPSA, EFIAP

Chun Choi (Andy) Tang is a brand new photographer in the field. He has just developed the interest in photography a few years ago. He is very keen on travelling to different places in the world for photography. Through travelling and taking lessons, he can capture a lot of exciting moment and fabulous views in different countries. 

In order to sustain the interest of photography, he also joined the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in 2014. Also, he joined the Photo Exhibition organised by Art Foto Association of Hong Kong since 2014. In this journey, he has further developed his interest in different aspects such as participating a lot of international salons and got several PSA/FIAP Gold / Sliver / Bronze medals / Honorable Mention and medals from other international Salon Clubs. In 2016, he obtained the AFIAP and EFIAP in 2017 which recognised by Authority of FIAP. In the meantime, he earned his PPSA in 2017. He earned his EPSA in 2018 and his MPSA in 2019.