Christine Pence, QPSA·

Born at the end of World War II into an American military family stationed in Japan, I called many places home before I realized that home really was just a suitcase location. At one point, we were a family of six with a boat and a travel-camper named Six Pence. Wanderlust has always played an important part in my life decisions and continues to motivate me forward toward the next adventure.

Capturing fleeting moments of my own journey, I am curious to find those long-forgotten stories that color how I see the world. I suppose it is a normal quest, but normal is pretty individual in the end. Sharing little discoveries often leads me in unexpected directions. New stories emerge as I sift through memories lost and almost found. Often, you can find me traveling with camera in one hand and backpack in the other. This past year, I was in Uganda photographing the mountain gorillas and assorted savannah animals.

Christine Pence received her QPSA in 2021.