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Christian Kieffer

Christian Kieffer from Luxembourg liked always photography and practiced it as a hobby. What he most like is a kind of street photography, preferably in black and white. He has traveled a number of times to Latin American countries and has been several times to Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil, Belize and the Dominican Republic. Photography enables him to connect many of his other hobbies, like traveling, Latin America, mushrooms, his love of nature and his dog. He occasionally takes photos of concerts or other events like the "Beaufort Rock Classics", the "Gala des Etoiles" performed at the Luxembourg National Theater and others. For many years he has been using Nikon fullframe cameras until December 2017 when he switched to Fujifilm. Right now he is using X100F, X-T2 and XT-3 by Fuji. Feel free to leave some comments in Luxembourgish, French, German, English or Spanish.