Ethical Practices


A member of the Photographic Society of America shall act in accordance with all PSA policies. A member shall be honest in performing and reporting services to the Society. A member shall be ethical in making and presenting photographic images. Members not in compliance with this ethics statement will be subject to loss of PSA membership and/or awards and honors. 

每个美国摄影学会(PSA)会员应当遵守PSA的以下所有规定,应诚实履行和向学会报告服务。按规定道德准则制作并送交摄影作品, 否则可能被取消所获奖项或名衔,甚至被取消会员资格。

a. Images submitted for competitions shall originate as photographs by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. By virtue of submitting an entry, the photographer certifies the work as his/her own.

a. 所有参赛摄影作品应由摄影师经由感光胶片或数码传感器制成,摄影师送交作品参赛的行为本身,也同时证明这是本人原作。

b. Any image accepted in a PSA-recognized exhibition shall not be re-entered in the same format in the same section of the exhibition by using a different title or a like in-camera duplication or a reproduction duplication. An accepted image may not be re-titled for entry in the same section of the same division of any other PSA-recognized exhibition.

b. 摄影作品一旦入选PSA认可的国际摄影比赛或影展,不得再以其它标题或用类似的作品在机内复制来参加同一机构同一个部门同一组的比赛,入选作品可以再参加同一机构不同组或其它机构举办的PSA认可的国际摄影比赛或影展, 但不得更改标题。 

c. Images submitted in internal (PSA members only) competitions, contests, workshops, Study Groups and the like shall strictly follow these standards, both written and as obviously intended, without reservation. 

c. 在提交作品参加所有学会内部的比赛、研讨会、研究小组之类的活动时,会员应毫无保留地严格遵循以上书面和显然的准则。

Information included in honors and awards proposals shall be exact and true.


Material submitted for possible publication in the PSA Journal and/or the PSA Website shall be solely the work of the author(s). Quotations from other material or gathered orally shall be carefully cited with credit given for all illustrations used, and permission to use copyrighted material must be obtained by the author.

提交美国摄影学会月刊或网站出版的稿件, 应完全属于作者。若使用他人的引文、谈话记录、或说明图表等版权资料,必须事先获得原作者同意。

Ethics Statement & Standards Policy Revised September 2004