Councils Challenge

Councils Challenge Instructions for Uploading Images

Updated May 2019

  1. Make three folders on your computer. Label them Digital Color, Digital Monochrome and Digital Nature. Place ten (10) different images by ten (10) different makers in each folder.
  2. Size the images to 1400 x 1050 Pixels with a color space of sRGB. There is no size limitation.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the PSA Councils’ Challenge Online Entry Form Link ( councilchallenge/)
  5. From the drop down list select your council/federation’s name. Enter your e-mail address. Note that the e-mail address entered must be the e-mail address that we have on file for your organization, or the system will reject your entry. (Note that the Zzzz9 Council is for testing purposes; just ignore it.) If for any reason you change your organization’s contact e-mail address for this competition during the year, notify the directors so that they can change the system’s internal tables.
  6. Select the entry type: Digital Color, Digital Monochrome, or Digital Nature.
  7. Fill out the information for the first image in the boxes: Maker's First Name, Maker's Last Name, and Image Title.
  8. Click on “Choose File” and select the image file from the folder containing the images. The system will rename the images correctly using the information you enter. NOTE, however, be sure the original file names of your images do not contain an equal (=) sign, a colon (:), or a semi-colon (;) as that will cause the system to display error messages.
  9. Continue entering the remaining images in the Digital Color table. Then enter the images in the Digital Monochrome and Digital Nature tables. If you enter all three sections, carefully proofread your entries. Be sure that you have capitalized the makers' names and image titles. Be sure that you have selected your council name and e-mail address correctly.
  10. When entry information is completed, click on the “Submit Your Entry” button. When completed, you will receive verification that your images were accepted. The verification will show a thumbnail of each image as well as the original and retitled names. Check to make sure the images and the maker’s name are correct. If there are problems entering images, please refer to the “Possible Errors” information below. Check to make sure that all of the information is correct. If the information is not correct, resubmit only the incorrect images.

Possible Errors

If any image is larger than 1400 x 1050 pixels, the system will flag and reject the over sized images. Only the rejected images need to be resized and resubmitted using the same entry form. Enter the replacement image’s information in the same boxes as the rejected image and then resubmit.

The system will only accept images from the email of the designated person to upload the images. If you think you entered your e-mail address correctly, and the system will not accept your images, please send an e-mail to

Once you have all of the entry information in one of the ten File Number positions (ten Digital Color, ten Digital Monochrome, and ten Digital Nature) do not enter another image in that location. It will result in two images entered in the same round of judging. If you intentionally replace one image with another, please send an e-mail to 
explaining the changes. The director will then delete the incorrect image.

Your organization may enter images in any or all of the three digital sections. If nonspecific system error messages occur, it is likely that you submitted images that contains a forbidden character in the original file name (like &, #, *) or that the image was not a JPEG image (even though it has a jpg extension). Submit images for one section at a time- pictorial, monochrome, and/or nature.

The system will not catch two images by the same maker. Each person may have one image submitted from one council for each section. If images from the same person are entered in two councils/federations, both images will be disqualified.

Be sure that none of the images or “like” images have been entered previously. The image will be disqualified. If there are any problems uploading images, please send e-mail to It is suggested that you submit your images as early as possible so that problems can be resolved. Thank you.

If there are any questions, please contact the following: or