North Carolina

2018 Carolinas PSA Club Showcase

Each year the Carolinas State Membership Committee (SMC) plans top conduct the Carolinas PSA Clubs Showcase. All PSA member clubs based in North and South Carolina are encouraged to participate in this learning experience and are invited to submit seven open subject projected images by seven different club members.

All images from all participating PSA member clubs are assembled and sent to all participating clubs. At a regular club meeting of their choice, all members in attendance at each club review and judge all images.

The score sheets from each club judging are submitted to the Showcase Director, and the Director tabulates the results from each club and identifies the top-scoring clubs and individual images. The final results will be made available so that each club can view them at a regular meeting and presented on the State Membership webpage for all to enjoy.  

PSA-Member clubs from NC and SC were invited in this 2018 Carolinas PSA Club Showcase.  In the future, clubs from each state will be competed separately so that results will be had from each State.  The images of the first and second place clubs and the top five individual images of the combined 2018 Club Showcase are presented on this page.

Images from the First and Second Place Clubs: 
Charlotte Camera Club and Photography Club of Sun City

Note: Image captions beginning with a * were among the top 7 images of the competition.The images of the first and second place clubs are presented on this page. Images beginning with a * were among the top 7 images of the competition.

First Place Club - Charlotte Camera Club
* Jaguar
Harvey Augenbraun
* Winter's Finest Crystal
Lane Lewis
* Celestial Lights
Gary Emord
Helping Mama
Maria Adasczik
Atlantic Puffin
Anastasia Tompkins
After the Storm
Ron Santini
* Buffalo and Oxpecker Bird
Phyllis Peterson
2nd Place Club - Photography Club of Sun City (Hilton Head)
* On Target
Corky Burt
* Snowy Egret
Tom Hanley
Low Country Spring
Marge Pangione
Tom Mills
Lonesome Cowboy
Vicky Levy
* Acrobat
Richard de Asia
Last Cabin Standing
Richard Matheny