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Juergen Busse, EPSA


Juergen Busse, EPSA, was born in 1965 in Mannheim and presently lives in Hemsbach, Germany. He started photographing when he was a child. Since 2001, his pictures have been published in popular calendars, magazines and photo books and are marketed by picture agencies world-wide. Since 2008 he has published his own calendar entitled "Beautiful World."  

Juergen has been a member of PSA since 2008 and is listed in PSA's Who's Who in Photography for CPID, EID, Nature, Photo Travel and Photo Journalism. In 2011 he received the title of "Artist" from FIAP. He received his EPSA in 2012.

His photographic specialty is Travel Photography featuring Landscape, Nature, Culture and People. You can see examples of his work at http://www.juergen-busse.de. His goal is to elicit an emotional feeling of the country, landscape or situation that entices the viewer to share in this special moment.

Hard Work
Mystic Nile
Stonehenge Sunset
Lights in the Night 4
Grand Mosque 5