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Buket Ozatay, EPSA, EFIAP/d1, R.ISF5, M.ICS

Buket Ozatay, EFIAP/d1, R.ISF5, A.ISF, F.ISF, A.ICS, F.ICS, M.ICS, M.USPA, F.SWAN, Hon.SAP, M.SAP, Hon.A.SAP, Hon.FPI, Hon.F.GNG , Hon.F.APF, Hon.FPMP, Hon.GMGNG, Hon.F.TPAS. Photography is an obsessive passion for her. She is passionate about documenting current events but also street life in all corners of the world. Although her work process is mainly focused on capturing people in their natural environment, she enjoys creative photography as well. She is a Turkish Cypriot photographer.

Since her father was a professional photographer she was born into photography. She worked in his late father's photography business for many years. Currently she is working freelance. She has been teaching basic photography and photoshop classes for the last six years. She is the first Cypriot women photographer and second Cypriot photographer to receive EFIAP/d1 from FIAP.

Her photographs have been exhibited internationally in more than 80 countries on five continents in international photo competitions exhibitions, festivals, fairs, galleries and biennials and have received many awards She has been organizing a national photo competition and exhibition yearly since 2009 in memory of her late father which is the biggest photography competition in Northern Cyprus. Her aim is not only to commemorate her father but also to promote photography in her home country. She has been in judging panel of many PSA & FIAP competitions for the last couple of years. She has also started to organize PSA patronage competitions of her own photo club, Nicosia Photographic Society. She earned her EPSA in 2021.