Bryon Love

I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I had no photography or artistic training. I just captured images of what I liked, and sometimes tried to copy the styles of images I saw in magazines and museums. Over the years my interest waned and became limited to taking picture of my kid and chronicling family events. When my daughter was an infant I dabbled in Super 8 Video, but that was short lived. Although it is good to have video record, no one really wants to sit and watch the uncut and unedited versions of life events.

When I bought a digital SLR, and started snapping away (on auto), I was taking better pictures than I had been; and I was able to share images with family and friends inexpensively. I was very pleased. After awhile I became bored with chronicalling events, and wanted to start creating great images. In the last few years I have joined a photo club. Through photo sharing and discussion, they have inspired and encouraged me to start developing my technical skills.

I was fortunate enough to meet some multiple award-winning PSA members. They explained the benefits of becoming a PSA member and how PSA could help me improve my photography. I am excited about and look forward to learning to take and create better images.