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Bojan Bilas·

Bojan Bilas is currently the PSA Landscape Photography Mentor and an accomplished fine art photographer. He started his photographic journey in grade school. Getting his fathers old 35mm film camera, a Czech Praktina. He and his classmates shot B&W, developed the negatives in the darkroom - this was in the early eighties. This was followed by a huge gap in time until 2014 when Bojan purchased his first digital camera, a Nikon D5100. Since then, Bojan has stayed true to the NIkon brand and now uses a full frame Nikon D700, his favourite lens being the 18-35mm 3.5-4.5 D lens for landscape photography. 

Bojan is an autodidact, he has developed skills as a landscape photographer and has mastered photo editing software Lightroom, ON1 Photo Raw, the NIK collection and Adobe photoshop ( in that order).  He takes part in many PSA international exhibitions and so far has achieved many acceptances on his photos. In 2016 he created a popular photo group on Facebook called The Photo Enthusiast, where he hosts and moderates photographers from all over the world.

Nature loving as he is, he has a great affinity for landscape and nature photography. Most of his work is from his mother country Croatia and partly from Finland where he works in the shipbuilding industry. The biggest challenge for him is finding and scouting for new locations in the vicinity of his place of residence in order to create some fascinating landscape photos.
The journey continues . . .