Board of Directors

PSA Board Travel Policy

Board Members Travel Reimbursement Policy – Revised February 2019


Members of the Photographic Society of America are required to attend the Spring Board meeting held at PSA Headquarters each year. The meeting is generally held in April. 

Air Travel

Board members may claim reimbursement for round-trip economy airfare from their home to Oklahoma City and any baggage fees. 

Reimbursement for trans-oceanic travel at economy plus or similar class is allowed as well as any baggage fees. 

Board members may also claim cab fare or Uber basic incurred from the OKC airport to the hotel.  It is hoped that Board members will share a cab whenever possible. 

Charges for transportation to and from their home airport or overnight airport parking may be reimbursed. Limousine, custom driver, or Uber Black (or equivalent) is allowed if the charge is similar typical cab fare or is the only reasonable transportation method to and from the airport.  

Board members are expected to make a reasonable effort to use the most cost effective means available.  

Car Travel

Board members electing to drive to the OKC Board Meeting may claim the lesser of round trip economy air fare (purchased at least a month prior to the meeting) or the current allowed federal mileage rate. For example, if the roundtrip mileage is 2,000 miles and the mileage rate is $.50, the calculation is 2,000 X .50 = $1,000 for driving, and the airfare is $400 for round trip economy, the reimbursement claim would be for the $400. (Note that extra baggage charges and transportation to and from an airport are not included in this calculation as they were not incurred. 


Lodging for Board members attending the Spring Board Meeting is covered by PSA.  Members of the Finance and Executive Committee will always be expected to arrive early for the first session meeting and will have all nights covered by PSA. For most Board members, lodging will be for three nights for the second session of the board meeting.   

From time to time some board members will be asked to arrive early or stay longer in OKC for additional meetings or work. Additional lodging expenses will be reimbursed, but the expenses must be preapproved by the Executive Committee. 


Expenses for meals are not reimbursed under Board Policy.


Travel to the annual Conference is the responsibility of the individual Board members.  


Only the airfare of International Board members will be partially reimbursed.  For the Board members residing outside North America, economy-plus (or equivalent) air fare will be reimbursed above $600.   The $600 airfare is believed to be typical airfare paid by Board members to attend the annual conference.

Conference Hotel

PSA will cover the hotel room charges for the Executive Committee for three nights and for the Board members for two nights.  All other expenses are the responsibility of the Board members.


Expenses for meals are not reimbursed under Board Policy.


Additional trips to Headquarters may be required for some Board and committee members during the year to work on Society business. Those trips must be approved by the Executive Committee in advance and will be reimbursed in the same manner as the trips to the Board meetings.