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Peter A. Bisset, APSA, MPSA


At the early age of 7 , as a result of his father taking him on photographic trips to the mountains of Norway and Austria, Peter Bisset developed a passion for scenic photography, and later wildlife and nature photography. In 1967 he emigrated from England to Canada, and started to photograph nature in earnest using a Hasselblad Medium format camera. He then joined the PSA in 1975 and was encouraged by his then mentor John Main who was also a PSA Diamond member, to enter the PSA nature exhibitions.

Peter is well known in Canada for his special techniques for photographing birds at the nest, and for building up to 55ft scaffolds with a blind on top to photograph birds of prey at the nest. He has spent many days sitting at the top of scaffolds photographing hawks, and all night to photograph owls arriving at the nest with prey until sun up. He also uses a special custom flash which uses a motorcycle battery to have it ready for up to 12 hours and fires at 1/15,000th/sec at f16 – f22, to photograph owls in flight in total darkness.

Over a 35 year period Peter has established an outstanding exhibition record in the PSA international nature salons, and has obtained over 2,000 acceptances, and over 500 medals and HMs, with 7 galaxies, and 6 PN's. He has also achieved first place 3 times in the Nature division Who's who.

Just recently Peter has enjoyed giving a specially developed 35 minute CD nature slide show, along with nature hymns, to church groups, honoring God's handywork. He hopes that through this show audiences will appreciate the beauty of their environment, and be encouraged to ensure good stewardship.

Elk Crossing River

Long-Eared Owl at Nest with Mouse

Bears Watching for Salmon

Three Young Screech Owls

Heron in Sunrise

Screech Owl Landing

All images © Peter A. Bisset