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Basudeb Chakraborty, MPSA, EFIAP

Being an employee under Indian Audit Audit and Accounts Department he came on transfer to Raiganj, 400 kms from Kolkata 1998. Kulick Birds Sanctuary was main place of attraction to him. Seeing migratory birds to gather in the forest during monsoon he became interested in taking photographs of birds.

There is no camera. Ist Camera bought, was Nikon FM10 followed by F-60 and a 70-300 lens and a 24-120. Kullick Forest on every Saturday and Sunday morning was the only destination during June to September when migratory birds used to return after their new born chicks. First Participated in Photography Salon in the year 1999. In the year 2006 Got EFIP and 2007 FFIP, LIIPC. As payment of Entry fee to foreign country was a problem in North Bengal he used to participate in National Salons approved by FIP as IIPC.

In 2009 got first International acceptance in Italy in a group Participation with the friends of Kolkata. In 2013 became member of PSA and achieved AFIAP Distinctions. In 2014 EFIAP. Started achieving PSA Stars in Nature Division after bying back 5 years membership. In the year 2020 achieved EPSA. Still now, at the age of 64, actively engaged in photography. Photography,Gardening, Trekking and travelling is his main hobby. During Covid Pandemic he has expertised himself in Still life, Water Drop let, Portrait and Surrealistic photography. Giving judgment in PSA and FIAP approved salons since a year.

Basudeb Chakraborty earned his EPSA in 2020 and MPSA in 2021.