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William B. Barnett, APSA, GMPSA

Barnett_William.jpgBill is a retired PhD analytical chemist and spectroscopist who worked for many years helping to design instrumentation for the chemical laboratory. At the same time he pursued photography as a serious hobby.

Bill’s interest in photography began in high school, but became serious after he moved to Connecticut and joined his first camera club in 1969. He first joined PSA in 1970 and soon began entering international exhibitions. He now has 5 stars in four divisions of PSA (Projected Image, Photo Travel, Photojournalism, and Nature). He also has his second Diamond award in the Color Class of the Projected Image Division and three Galaxy awards in the Photo Travel Division. He has also earned many awards in local competitions.

Besides PSA, Bill is a member of the New Haven Camera Club and the Connecticut Association of Photographers. He is on the Executive Board of the New England Camera Club Council. He is a frequent lecturer for camera clubs and other organizations on travel and photography and is a frequent judge.     

Bill has received: the distinction of Grand Master from PSA (GMPSA) (2016); the distinction of Artiste from the Federation Internationale de L’art Photographique (AFIAP); and the honor of Master Member from the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC). He received the PSA Honor of APSA in 2016.

Bill wrote his first feature article for the PSA Journal in 1983 followed by additional contributions over the years for which he has received four Bronze Stars. He received the Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award for the best feature article of 2012 . His photography was featured in a Distinctive Image article in the March 2014 issue of the Journal.

Bill purchased his first digital camera in 2001 allowing him to expand his photographic creativity. In the last few years he has been pursuing a hybrid approach to his photography. Stills, video clips, and sound files are combined to create essays and travel presentations with more production values than is possible using only still photographs. Bill likes to combine photography with travel to interesting places.