Progress Award

Previous Recipients of the Progress Award

2019 Steve Van Slyke and Ching W. Tang Invention of the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
2018 Philippe Kahn Created the first camera phone
2017 Dr. Nick Holonyak Inventor and creator of the first viable (LED) Light Emitting Diode
2016 Masuji Suto Creator of the StereoPhotoMaker stereo image editor
2015 Nick Woodman and the GoPro Corporation Creators of GoPro Cameras
2014 Sir Timothy Berners-Lee Inventor of the World Wide Web
2013 Kenneth Lauren Burns For his informative, historical and documentary abilities
2012 Dr. Fujio Masuoka Inventor of flash memory
2011 Nobukazu Teranishi Outstanding and critical contributions to digital photography.
2010 Art Wolfe Photographer, author, environmentalist
2009 Felice Frankel Clarification of science through photography
2008 Minoru Usui Micro Piezo Inkjet printing technology
2007 Frans Lanting Environmental photographer
2006 Steven J. Sasson Conceived first digital camera
2005 Larry J. Hornbeck DLP projection technology
2004 David Muench Landscape photographer
2003 Eric R. Fossum Developer, CMOS chip
2002 John Shaw Nature photographer, educator and author
2001 Thomas Knoll Co-Creator Adobe Photoshop
John Knoll Co-Creator Adobe Photoshop
2000 Dr. Robert Q. Fugate Adaptive optics
1999 Dr. Tung H. Jeong Developments in Holography 
1998 George D. Lepp Nature photographer; author, inventor 
1997 Lennart Nilsson  Medical field video 
1996 Scott A. Brownstein Photo CD inventor
1995 Dr. Albert L. Sieg Many patents contributing to photographic science in area of graphic arts 
1994 no award given 
1993 Dr. David F. Malin Deep sky photography
1992 Gordon Parks Photojournalist; writer, director, film producer 
1991 Jack S. Kilby Integrated circuit co-inventor
Robert N. Noyce Integrated circuit co-inventor
1990 Freeman Patterson Photographer, author
1989 Eliot Porter Photographer
1988 Dr. Robert Edward Booms T-grain emulsion development
Dr. James T. Kofron T-grain emulsion development
1987 Alfred Eisenstaedt Photojournalist
1986 Willard S. Boyle Charge couple device development
George E. Smith Charge couple device development
1985 Arthur Rothstein Photojournalist
1984 Clifton C. Edom Photojournalism educator
1983 John G. Mulder Film coating, international standards
1982 Herbert T. Robinson Carousel slide projector inventor 
 1981 Paul Arnold  Standards for film, cartridge, holder 
 1980 Allan MacLeod Cormack  Cat scan technique
1979 Godfrey N. Hounsfield  Cat scan technique 
 1978 Allen G. Stimson Inventor, exposure meter devices
 1977 Jacques-Yves Cousteau Undersea photography research
 1976 Dr. Wesley T. Hanson Jr.  Kodacolor film research
1975 Dr. John Nash Ott Time lapse & photo biology
1974 HarrisB. Tuttle Medical, sports, forensic photography
1973 H. Lou Gibson Medical, technical, nature photography
1972 Dr. Katherine Burr Blodget Non-reflective glass development
1971 Dr. Victor Hasselblad Camera creator
1970 Leopold Godowsky Kodachrome film co-inventor
1969 Ansel Adams Photographer, author
1968 C.B. Neblette Educator, editor, author
1967 Capt. Edward J. Steichen Navy, Family of Man curator
1966 Adolf Fassbender Photographer & educator
1965 Beaumont Newhall Historian, author & curator
1964 Dr. Deane Rowland White Physicist, photo standards development
1963 Dr. Melville Grosvenor President & editor National Geographic
1962 Dr. Herman Hans Duerr High speed mono & color research
1961 Lloyd E. Varden Educator, historian
1960 Dr. Edwin H. Land Camera, light polarizing material
1959 W.R. Hunter Space research photography 
Dr. D.M. Packer  Space research photography  
J.D. Purcell  Space research photography  
Dr. Richard Tousey  Space research photography  
1958 Roy E. Stryker  Government photo agencies chief 
1957 Edward Weston Photographer
1956 Dr. John I. Crabtree Chemistry & motion picture development
1955 Dr. Harold E. Edgerton Electronic flash development
1954 Henry R. Luce Life Magazine editor-in-chief
1953 no award given
1952 Walt Disney Motion picture art contributions
1951 Col. George Goddard Chief Air Force photo lab, Dayton, OH
1950 Dr. Lloyd A. Jones Kodak field of sensitometry
1949 J. Dudley Johnston Clubs & societies development
1948 Dr. C.E.K. Mees Technical achievement & literature