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Mohammed Arfan Asif, MPSA, EFIAP/b, FICS

Mohammed Arfan Asif, resident in Dubai since 1994, has been involved in serious photography for the past three decades. His primary forte is pictorial photography with portraits and landscapes as his main subject, though he also dabbles in nature and travel photography.

Arfan was awarded the AFIAP and ARPS in 1994, AICS in 2000, FICS and PPSA in 2012, EFIAP in 2013, EFIAP/b and EPSA in 2015. He has exhibited his photographs in International photography exhibitions spread over 39 countries and won many awards along with 1300 acceptances. He earned his MPSA in 2018.

Arfan mentors a small group of 50+ passionate photographers through the "Shutter Bugs Creative Forum‚" in Dubai, UAE, which he established in 2009. He has given presentations and workshops on various aspects of photography in his hometown Bengaluru in India and his country of residence, the United Arab Emirates; apart from Italy and Spain. Arfan has written articles on pictorialism, portraiture, etc. in various local and international publications. He has judged photo contests and is the Country Representative of ICS. Arfan has done his Masters degree in Pharmacy with pharmacology and is currently employed as Head of Unit in the Pharmacy Department of Dubai Health Authority in the United Arab Emirates.

Arfan aspires to reach out to a wider audience with his images and share his knowledge to photography enthusiasts.