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Arnab Basu, BPSA, AFIAP

Arnab Basu belongs to "City of Joy" Kolkata, India, which is a land of renowned artists, authors, painters, and cinematographers He has been interested in photography from his school days when he was handed over, now obsolete, AGFA Click 3 film camera by his father. He then graduated to SLR camera during his college days and gained hands-on experience in Black & White film development and printing in his college photographic club. He changed to digital format in 2009 with Canon DSLR and continued his photography by self-teaching through different sources on the internet.

His photography, improved in leaps and bounds and became a regular passion when he joined Shutterbugs Creative Forum (a Gurukul concept) in Dubai in 2019. After joining Shutterbugs Creative Forum, he dabbled through different genres but now has found his inclination to pictorial photography. He has participated in different International Salons, and apart from being awarded PSA Gold, FIAP Gold, MoL Gold, and GPU Gold, he has achieved the distinction of AICS, AFIAP, ARSPS, and cMoL.