Anges van der Logt, QPSA, RPS

Anges van der Logt is a Dutch born female photographer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her interest is mainly in Travel, Human Interest and Landscape photography, as you will be able to see on her IG accounts, if interested (@angesvdl and @angesvdl.world). Photography has been a hobby for her since she was a teenager, as her father was a dedicated hobbyist photographer. As she got more interested, she even had a dark room for some time in the bathroom, where she printed her own black and white images. When the digital cameras came into the market she was sceptical at first, but after seeing the benefits and possibilities these cameras brought with them, she got more and more interested, and self educated herself in post processing (no need for a bathroom anymore). From 2017 or so she started to upload images to photo exhibitions and got a lot of them accepted (to her surprise), so now she is interested in focusing even more on improving her work so she might be able to get a distinction for her work some time in future.

Anges earned her QPSA in 2021.