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Alex Cohen

Alex Cohen spends most of his time traveling between Ohio and Pennsylvania capturing the explorations he and his family take between the two states and anywhere else that life guides him. Taking photos of everything he comes across, whether it be nature, people, or obscure oddities found all over the place.

After spending many years in the dark and dismal abyss of depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction Alex found sobriety and a new spiritual path. At this point his eyes reopened to the beauty of life and the world around him. With that newfound perception he has channeled that love of beauty into his love of photography.

His work can be found in various galleries, gift shops, hair studios, and other locations in both Pennsylvania and Ohio. He has also received a great deal of recognition in online photography competitions around the web. Living his life one moment at a time, he continues to follow his passion through learning, growing, and capturing everything he can.