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Agatha Anne Bunanta, FPSA, GMPSA, GPSA, EFIAP/p·


Agatha was born and lives in Indonesia. She is a businesswoman and graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Agatha is the Founder and the Director of non profit organization: Art Photography of Indonesia that connects and collaborates with all photographers around the world. She is a pioneer in International Salon in Indonesia. She inspired and helped many Indonesia Photographers to get distinctions.

Agatha joined PSA in 2005 and earned the PPSA distinction in 2009, EPSA distinction in 2013, MPSA distinction in 2014, and both her APSA Honor and GMPSA distinction in 2015. She earned the SPSA in 2018. She has been tops in EID, Small Print Monochrome and other divisions in Who's Who for several years, and has received medals and HMs from many PSA-recognized International Exhibitions. She has received the ARPS and EFIAP/p

Agatha is the Region Director and Liaison Officer for Indonesia.

She is also a member of Ethics Review Board (2015-2019)

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