PSA's Nonprofit Service

PSA is a not-for-profit (also called a nonprofit) corporation organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, USA, with a Certificate of Authority in the State of Oklahoma, USA, where the PSA Headquarters is located. The Society's mission is outlined in its Bylaws, in brief to promote the art and science of photography, not to make a profit. It is a membership organization, and does not have shareholders. PSA is not a governmental organization and is not connected with any branch of the United States government. 

PSA has long been qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code as a Charitable Organization, and as such, its income is exempt from U.S. income tax, and gifts and contributions to PSA are tax-deductible (U.S. income and estate taxes).

While the majority of PSA's members come from North America, a significant number of members come from outside North America, from over 70 nations around the world, making PSA a truly “global" organization. The Society members (individuals, clubs, and councils of camera clubs) have activities and interests consistent with those of PSA.

To fulfill its nonprofit mission, PSA provides many services which are described in this section:

  • PSA Scholarship Program (Greenhood Scholarship)
  • PSA Youth Photography Showcase
  • PSA Club Service
  • Photography Research (Amon Carter Museum)
  • PSA Print Collection