About the Photographic Society of America (PSA)

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization for anyone with an interest in photography. Founded in 1934, the Society is for casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers.

PSA has members in over 80 countries. Individual and photo organization memberships offer a wide variety of services and activities: a monthly journal; online photo galleries; image evaluation; study groups; courses; competitions; an annual conference; opportunities for recognition of photographic achievement and service; and discounts on photography-related products and services.  To learn more about PSA and its activities, choose a topic below to reveal or hide its contents.

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  • PSA Mission Statement
    • PSA promotes the art and science of photography as a means of communication, image appreciation and cultural exchange.
    • PSA provides education, information, inspiration and opportunity to all persons interested in photography.
    • The Society fosters personal growth and expression, creativity, excellence and ethical conduct in all aspects of photographic endeavor.
    • » PSA By-Laws: pdf (last amended October 2017)

  • PSA Board of Directors
    A 14-member Board of Directors serves as the primary governing body of PSA, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Each odd-numbered year, board members are elected and hold office for a 2-year term, beginning at the close of the annual conference. The President, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer also serve on the Executive Committee, which together with the Investments Vice President makes up the Finance Committee. The Secretary also supervises the only PSA-salaried employees, the 3-person headquarters office staff, which includes the Office Manager.  There are numerous other committees, whose members are presidential appointees, which assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. There are numerous presidential appointed committees, which assist the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. The subject-matter-oriented Divisions also play a major role by conducting many of the day-to-day individual and club activities. Additional information about PSA's organization structure, including standing committees, is provided in other parts of this website.

    See an organizational chart of the Board of Directors and their respective responsibilities.

  • Membership
    There are nearly 6000 PSA members, including both amateur and professional photographers, residing in nearly 80 countries. Many members serve in various positions and are responsible for the supervision and execution of PSA's activities. The membership is organized based on the geographical location of their primary homes. The Vice President for Membership supervises a large team of volunteers who maintain contact with members, according to their location, and provides assistance and information.  The Membership section of the website contains a detailed description of this members' organization including details on how to Join or Renew.
  • Chapters, Clubs and Councils

    There are ten Chapters which may be considered as "local" PSA branches and are composed of only PSA members. They are located along the East Coast, in the upper Midwest, and in parts of the Far West. Because of legalities, there are no Chapters outside of the United States. An annual PSA Chapter Showcase competition is held at the PSA Annual Conference. Chapters submit a PSA Chapter's Gallery quarterly which is a print gallery of their member's works. Any PSA member residing in the vicinity of a Chapter should feel free to attend any of their activities. Chapters also have activities including competitions, field trips, and speaker programs. Additional information is available on the PSA Chapters home page.

    There are over 500 camera clubs throughout the world which are members of PSA. One of the primary activities of PSA-member clubs is participating in the PSA Interclub Competitions. You can also find out about many other activities run by PSA Clubs, Councils and Federations.

    A camera club Council may also be known as an association, federation, or organization of camera or photography clubs. A camera club Council consists of a number of camera clubs, usually located in a geographic area, which join together to participate in photographic activities as a group. All camera clubs are PSA members. Each year these Councils can compete in the PSA Council's Challenge. Councils have activities including competitions, field trips, and speaker programs. Their activities may be found on the Council's Calendar web page.

    The annual PSA Newsletter and Website Contests are also available to Chapters, Clubs, and Councils. The Chapters, Club, & Council's Vice President has the primary responsibility for overseeing the activities of these organizations.

  • Divisions
    The Divisions, under the supervision of the Divisions Vice President and with the assistance of the Clubs, Councils and Chapters Vice President, are responsible for the conduct of individual and interclub competitions as well as study groups. Providing recognition for International Exhibitions, managing Stars/Galaxy Ratings programs and identifying the top exhibitors, worldwide, on annual basis through the publication of Who's Who listing are also division activities.  The Divisions officers are elected for two-year terms each even-numbered year and take office at the conclusion of the annual conference.  There are also many division directors, appointed by the division chairmen, who conduct the various activities of the divisions.  See the Divisions section of this website for more information on Division activities and offerings.
  • Study Groups

    Most divisions offer digital or print Study Groups for individual PSA members and have appointed one or more volunteer directors to supervise and conduct these activities.  While postal costs and regulations limit the majority of print groups to North America, digital groups frequently have members from various parts of the world.  This is made possible by extensive use of the Internet for on-line entries and messages.

    A group typically consists of 5 to 7 PSA members. During each cycle, which may range from 1 to 3 months, each member submits 1 to 4 prints or images for review.  Print groups use a round-robin procedure to conduct their cycles.  However, digital groups make use of individual websites for on-line submissions of images and reviews.  This process allows members to work independently but still share knowledge and experiences.  Some groups have senior volunteer photographers providing expert commentary. 

    PSA members are welcome to participate, free of charge as a benefit of membership, in as many groups as they wish, within and across divisions.  Over the years, these groups have served to increase the knowledge and expand the skills of all those who have been a part of these programs.  Many lasting friendships have been formed, even though the members may never meet face-to-face.

  • Interclub and Individual Competitions

    Each division conducts Interclub Competitions, under the supervision of appointed volunteer directors.  Depending upon the division, the competitions are conducted 3 or 4 times a year (refer to the Interclub Comparison Chart).  Divisions with large numbers of participating clubs, including those from various countries, are organized into groups of approximately 25 PSA clubs each.  Host clubs volunteer to conduct each of the competitions, on a group-by-group basis, which includes providing a panel of 3 judges.

    For each competition, the clubs submit 6 digital images or prints from their entire membership, which may include non-PSA members.  The combined scores of a club's entry are used to determine their ranking within a competition.  The combined scores are also totaled at the end of the year to determine overall rankings.  In the case of competitions having multiple groups, the rankings will be used in forming the groups for the next year.  All scores and rankings are posted on the website, as are galleries of the award-winning images.

    Individual high awards are given to approximately 10% of the digital images or prints for each competition.  Another 10% may receive Honorable Mention recognition.  Some divisions conduct end-of-the-year competitions for anyone that has received a high award to determine the best of the best.  These competitions are the basis for producing photographic programs, complete with music, which may be used for informational and promotional purposes.

    Some divisions also conduct individual competitions, free of charge, throughout the year for PSA members, using appointed volunteer directors.  In addition to sharing their work and possibly earning some recognition, PSA members have opportunities for determining how well some of their images might perform in International Exhibitions.  In the case of digital competitions, remote judging is frequently used to provide a broader spectrum of expertise. 

    Image of the year competitions are held by some divisions.  Only those digital images or prints that have received a medal in an International Exhibition of Photography are eligible for inclusion in the competitions.  A panel of judges is used to determine the highest awards, which are often presented during the annual PSA Conference.

  • Honors and Awards

    The Society has a long-standing practice of recognizing members for outstanding and dedicated service. This is unlike other societies and organizations that grant recognition based only on photographic proficiency (see PSA Distinctions) and this can be confusing to those who have been involved with other photography groups. The honorees are presented with their awards at the conference each year during the closing banquet.

    Aside from Honors, PSA recognizes the services of its volunteers through several awards that are given out at its annual conference. A list of awards is available on the Recognition of Service page.

  • Exhibitions

    One of the major activities of PSA is the establishment and implementation of a set of standards for the conduct of an International Exhibition of Photography, under the supervision of the Exhibitions Vice President. On a calendar year basis, the divisions provide recognition to several hundred Exhibitions worldwide, which adopt these standards. An exhibition may consist of a single section, two more sections within a single division or multiple sections recognized by two or more divisions. There are also circuits, which are two or more exhibitions being conducted as single activity. Any group or organization desiring to host an exhibition can apply to PSA to have it "recognized."  

    Anyone can enter an International Exhibition of Photography. For those wishing to submit entries, PSA maintains an online Exhibition listing as well in the PSA Journal. All entries are judged by a multi-person panel, with approximately 25% to 45% being "accepted" and listed in the exhibition's catalog. These acceptances may be used by PSA members to apply for Star and Galaxy ratings as well as enabling them to earn photographic Distinctions for their achievements.

    Each year PSA publishes Who's Who in Photographywhich is a compilation of the accepted images from PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography conducted during the previous year.

  • PSA Distinctions
    PSA has a method for recognizing the photographic achievement of those Exhibition entrants whose images are accepted for inclusion in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions of Photography. Entrants keep track of their acceptances and apply for PSA Star Ratings certificates. These certificates are then combined and used to apply for Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) distinctions: Qualified (QPSA), Proficiency (PPSA), Excellence (EPSA), Master (MPSA), Master Level 2 (MPSA2),  Grand Master (GMPSA), Grand Master Bronze (GMPSA/B), Grand Master Silver (GMPSA/S), Grand Master Gold (GMPSA/G), Grand Master Platinum (GMPSA/P).
    PSA also grants distinctions through its Portfolio program. Portfolio distinctions are given for a body of work that reflects a photographer's personal style and photographic interest. Distinctions are: BPSA (first level), SPSA (second level) and GPSA (third level).
  • PSA Journal
    As a benefit of membership, PSA members have the opportunity to read feature articles in the monthly, full- color PSA Journalwhich is under the supervision of the Publications Vice President. The articles are written by members, for members, and include knowledge and experience gained from travel and many photographic activities.  There are many "how-to" ideas and techniques to cover a broad range of topics of interest to any photographic enthusiast.  On a recurring basis, member-columnists provide a series on social networking, information for beginners, selections from the online New Member gallery in addition to photography software and hardware as well as photography book reviews. The journal is available as a print copy (for additional dues) or online through the member's only area (My PSA).
  • PSA Annual Conference

    One of the most enjoyable activities of PSA is the week-long Annual Conference. The Annual Conference is held in September or October in a different location each year. During the Annual Conference registrants can participate in photo tours, classes, workshops, and photo shoots. There is an Opening Meeting of the Society with award presentations, an extensive Print Exhibition, a variety of programs, featured speakers in the evenings, social events, a vendor area with product demonstrations, numerous photographic activities, and a Banquet on the last evening. The Conference is a great way to meet people, have a personal encounter with someone whose photography is known, and renew longtime acquaintances.

  • Youth Programs

    PSA Greenhood scholarships are awarded to second-year students majoring in photography at a school that offers a degree in photography.  The PSA Scholarships and Grants Committee, all Presidential appointees works with an education foundation, which oversees the scholarship process for over 20 Art Institutes with photography programs in the US and Canada.  Once the process narrows down the list of possible candidates each year, the Committee completes its works by reviewing the students' work for itself before making final decisions, which are announced at the annual PSA conference.  In addition to receiving the scholarship, the selectees must provide a portfolio of prints for display at the next conference.  They are given the opportunity to attend the conference, free of charge. 

    Each year PSA conducts a Youth Showcase, which is a competition that is open to all high school age students worldwide. Entry is free however each student must be sponsored by a Chapter, PSA-member club or council or 4H club.  A school, in coordination with a single sponsor, may submit no more than 6 digital images and 6 prints.  Some of the award-winning images are displayed at the annual PSA conference and receive cash awards.  Chapters, clubs and councils may submit their digital images on-line.

  • Members Only

    The Members Only page contains a description of all benefits as well as access to the several programs and other information items, which are intended only for the use of PSA members, including the online version of the PSA Journal, PSA online coursesPSA member discountsand a special section for Clubs and Councils. It is important to honor and respect those privileges of membership. Consequently, this members' only page (with all the links "live") is password-protected.

  • Please Volunteer
    PSA is successful and thrives because of the hard work and dedication of its volunteers. While some of the positions require specific skills, there are many that can be filled by anyone with only minimal training.  A few hours each week, or even each month, can make a difference in keeping the machinery running smoothly. The "Volunteer Opportunities" button contains a list of some positions currently available; it is always possible to submit an application.  As volunteers, members are not only making an immediate contribution, but learning more about the operation of PSA and preparing themselves to take on future roles of greater responsibility and earning the accompanying recognition.
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