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Arik Kaneh, PPSA

Since 2008, Arik has been very active in taking pictures. It was the PSA International Representative in Israel, Sammy Somekh, APSA, PPSA, who encouraged him to join the PSA and participate in PSA-recognized international competitions.

In 2009, Arik joined the Rishon Lezion Photography Club in Israel, which is strongly involved in promoting the art of photography. As Arik says, "The world around us is, by and large, continuously changing. Nature and the environment in general are also undergoing a process of change‚, which leads me to exert unflagging efforts to record them before many of their vestiges disappear forever. A great deal of time and effort are invested in fauna spotting and animal behavior and characteristics so as to attain the results I am aiming for."  Even though heI takes photographs of various subjects, nature photography is his main goal as evinced by his gallery. Arik earned his PPSA in 2014.

Bee-eaters III

Sandwich for my Young One

The King of Puffins

The Fish Hunter

Barn Swallow Chicks

Grey Fox