3D Interclub

2010-2011 Interclub Competition Results

Club Standings Nov Feb May Totals
Sydney Stereo Camera Club 43 56* 53 152
Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club 41 51 54 146
Ohio Stereo Photographic Society 44 63 38 145
Detroit Stereographic Society 42.5* 56 46 144.5
Atlanta Stereographic Association 42 55 43 140
LA 3-D Club (SCSC) 40 53 44* 137
Cascade Stereoscopic Club   MC 49 45  94
Potomac Society of Stereo Photographers 34 MC MC 34

MC = Missed Competition 
* = Host Club - Score Averaged 

Averaged Scores:  
  • Detroit   Their 2nd, 3rd:   43 + 42 = 85 X .5 = 42.5* 
  • Sydney Their 2nd, 2nd:   56 + 56 = 112 X .5 = 56 * 
  • LA 3-D   Their 5th, 4th:    45 + 43 = 88 X .5 = 44 * 
3-D Interclub Competition “Image of the Year” 
David Allen Cascade “A Castle Spiral Stairs”
1st Place Club 
Best Participation Club
Individual Awards May 2011
1st Place David Allen Cascade “A Castle Spiral Stairs”
2nd Place Jim Metcalf Sydney “Hairy Bee”
3rd Place Mark Brennan Sydney “Murray River”
Honorable Mention: Barb Gauche Detroit “High Above the Niagara River” 
Bob Venezia Puget Sound “Behind the Crazy Train” 
Bob Venezia Puget Sound “Stud Horse Point” 
Frank Barnett Puget Sound “Tulipmania” 
Nancy Moxom Sydney “Ferris Wheel 2” 
Individual Awards February 2011
1st Place Jerry Chisnell Detroit “Venice 80”
2nd Place John Bueche Ohio  “Working for Tips”
3rd Place Bob Venezia Puget Sound “Lower Calf Creek Falls”
Honorable Mention: Andrea Shetley Atlanta “Sunset Sails” 
Al Hess Atlanta “Iron Hoop Soda Straws” 
Jim Forshee Detroit “Indian Girl” 
George Themelis Ohio “Patient Model” 
John Bueche Ohio “Shadow Visits the Stereo Window” 
George Themelis Ohio “Stairs to the Falls” 
Individual Awards November 2010
1st Place H Lee Pratt Atlanta “Red Rock Crossing”
2nd Place Bob Venezia Puget Sound “Bryce Trail Colors”
3rd Place George Themelis Ohio “Friendly Neighbor”
Honorable Mentions Jay Horowitz Ohio “Uncle Eddie & the Steel Wool Trick” 
George Themelis Ohio “Water Droplets” 
Bob Venezia Puget Sound “Zero Gravity & Rockets” 
Allan Griffin Sydney “Rainbow Lorikeet” 
Andrew Read Sydney “Museum Turtle”