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365-Day Galleries

365-Day Gallery

Dennis Hirning,
Each PSA member is invited to submit up to one image per day, using the 365-day-upload form (available from the Gallery Upload link in the Member only (MyPSA) section and following the assignment of the day. You do not have to submit every day in order to participate. We have provided daily assignments to keep the gallery inspired and interesting. Please - no substitutions once you have uploaded an image.

The image will be added to the revolving gallery and appear in random order. Galleries remain on the PSA website for up to 3 months. Images submitted to the 365-day gallery are subject to approval  and do not necessarily have to be taken on the day of the "assignment," though that is preferable. For questions, contact the 365-day Director. See a list of themes at the bottom of this page.

NEW: The upload link for galleries is now available through the Members Only (My PSA) link after login. 

EXAMPLES: The following images represented each day of July, 2016, beginning with the date and followed by the theme of the day.


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  • December 2016
    01-Favorite Ornament 08-Stars 15-Stand 22-Memorable 29-Yourself
    02-Unreal 09-Happy 16-Duck Face 23-Beginning with A 30-Door
    03-Got Nails 10-Every Day I 17-Monument 24-Health 31-Out and About
    04-Present 11-Holiday Season 18-Nourishing 25-Just for You
    05-Neighborhood 12-Important 19-City Scene 26-Wander
    06-Off Prompt 13-Artwork 20-Christmas Cards 27-From Outside In
    07-Something I Bought 14-New 21-On your Mind 28-Beginning with H
  • January 2017
    01-Faint 08-This is the weather today 15-Architecture 22-Distorted 29-Record keeping
    02-Baking 09-Cheese 16-Butter 23-Out of place 30-Overflow
    03-Motion Blur 10-Shades of blue 17-Starts with B 24-Siesta 31-Something that inspires you
    04-Off the Hook 11-Barbed 18-Pipes 25-Rainbow colors
    05-Cross (es) 12-Break the rule of thirds 19-I am dreaming of 26-On a table
    06-Anticipation 13-At the mall 20-Feeding Time 27-Time piece
    07-Place you want to go 14-By the water 21-Spot 28-Jewelry
  • February 2017
    01-Family time 08-Polka dot 15-Life is 22-Chore
    02-Clouds 09-Equal 16-Travel 23-Where you shop
    03-Song 10-Swept off your feet 17-Push 24-Future investment
    04-I have never 11-I feel 18-Enjoy the little things 25-Iron works
    05-Old School 12-Smooth 19-Distinctive 26-Up in the air
    06-Time Exposure 13-With the sun 20-Striking 27-Latch
    07-One too many 14-Love 21-Railroad scene - not on tracks 28-Photojournalism
  • March 2017
    01- First 08- Field of dreams 15- Carefree 22- Trio 29- All done
    02- Full 09- Favorite color 16- Honey or jam 23- Something you found 30- Automotive detail
    03- Wet objects 10- Corner of your home 17- Begins with R 24- Hiding 31- My favorite view 
    04- Optical 11- Enhanced 18- Powdery 25- Sharp points
    05- Constant Companion 12- Social interaction 19- Cracker 26- Jumbled
    06- Church entrance 13- Window display 20- Locked or unlocked 27- Right light
    07- Something worn out 14- Converging lines 21- Hands or feet 28- Below
  • April 2017
    01-Cloth 08-Quiet Times 15-Playful 22-Where you work 29-Large
    02-View from your window 09-Arrangements 16-Ten o clock 23-I came from - 30-April showers
    03-What you do 10-Hobby 17-Lines or curves 24-Tap
    04-Like a painting 11-Workspace 18-Raven 25-Grip
    05-Person 12-Numbers 19-In your fridge 26-Daily Routine
    06-Ordinary 13-Yield 20-Royal flush 27-Pull
    07-Stranger 14-Horologe (check the definition) 21-Quirky 28-I smell
  • May 2017
    01-Kitchen sink 08-Twilight 15-Piled up 22-Wood 29-Errand
    02-Sparkly 09-Before digital 16-Egg 23-Terrific 30-Truck
    03-Philosophy 10-New adventures 17-No 24-Shimmering 31-Bed
    04-Optimistic 11-Patchy 18-Something red 25-Last thing you bought
    05-Admire 12-What you did today 19-Up north 26-From scratch
    06-Begins with T 13-Curvaceous 20-Sunset 27-Favorite quote
    07-Door knob 14-left 21-Many more 28-Part of