2020 Photo Festival Recognition & Awards

2020 Photo Festival Awards

Recognition of Photographic Achievement, Portfolios, and Youth Showcase

PSA is proud to announce the following recognition and awards that would have been presented at our annual Photo Festival. Choose each link, below, to reveal a short video presentation on each of the topics.

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  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • QPSA (Qualified)
  • PPSA (Proficiency)
  • EPSA (Excellence)
  • MPSA (Master)
  • MPSA2 (Master 2)
  • GMPSA (Grand Master)
  • GMPSA/B (Grand Master Bronze)
  • GMPSA/S (Grand Master Silver)
  • GMPSA/P (Grand Master Platinum)
  • GMPSA/G (Grand Master Gold)
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Portfolios (BPSA, SPSA, GPSA)
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Youth Showcase

For Videos of Recognition of Service to PSA - View here