2019-20 PPD POM

July 2020 PPD Print of the Month (POM)

John Williams, MPSA, of Sockbridge, Penrith, Cumbria, UK wins with his Star Color print, Snow on the Pier.

Our judge, Pete Morton, explains: “This is an exquisite photograph. The colors are wonderfully handled, neither too saturated nor too subtle. The black posts beautifully contrast with the white snow. The depth-of-field is excellent, making the entire pier in focus while leaving the horizon nicely out of focus. The slight fog provides a great transition from the sky to the water. Although I usually find that images exhibiting a high degree of symmetry, look odd if they are only “almost symmetric” that is not the case with this photograph, even though the pier is closer to the right than the left. Overall, it is the simple beauty of this photograph that is so appealing. Yet, with all its simplicity, careful examination clearly shows the thought that went into each detail. Looking at this image for an extended period gives the feeling of a pier into a wonderful but unworldly place.”